I was beaten by Qin Zhaomin half face numb, for his change, I don't feel strange at all.

Barely standing up straight, covering half of his face, he said, "there are cameras here. If you want to go to prison, go on."

"You give me the money!" Qin Zhaomin scolded me, "I tell you, if our company is finished, I will not only pull out your grandmother's ventilator, but also pull you to the end!"

This will, my cheek some hot pain, may be swollen.

I know that Qin Zhaomin did not care about Qin Ci's life and death for a long time. The reason why he is still procrastinating now is that he does not want to bear the name of being unfilial.

I put down my hand and looked at him, fearless, "you've made the company yellow, but you don't have the ability. As for my grandmother's ventilator, if you dare to move, I'll follow you forever!"

People, if they have money, they will become confident.

My bankbook is more than 10 million yuan. I'm not afraid of him at all.

Then he turned and left, ignoring whether Qin Zhaomin was jumping behind me.

I packed up after I got home.

The new home is very small, but very warm, let me feel at home.

I sat on the bay window, covered my face with ice bag, looking at the street view outside the window, with a lot of things in my head.

I've sent the photos of Qin Jiameng and Li Kai for 2 days, but Ji Qingxuan didn't react to that photo at all?

Can he even bear the green hat?

Where has Tang Ruo gone? I want to find her and find out what's going on with her.

There's also the courtesies.

Although I said to contact him that day, I didn't have his contact information. He was very mysterious. I certainly couldn't ask, and I couldn't ask Ji Qingxuan.

And Ji Qingxuan.

I'm going to put him down and go my own way.

I thought he would not come to me about Qin Zhaomin.