"What do you mean?"

I stood still.

When I saw the doctor going, I ran up to him. "What do you mean! Just a few hours after the talent arrived, please let me know! I had breakfast with him in the morning, he sent me to work, and he said

"Come with me."

The doctor interrupted me.

I was stunned.

Knowing where he was going to take me, I stood in the same place and shook my head desperately, "I'm not going! you deceived me! He, how can he die

All of a sudden.

There's no sign.

I don't believe it!

How can I believe it?

A few hours ago, Lu Qiaoyu was still in good condition, but now the doctor tells me that he is dead?

I don't want to see it. I don't want to believe it.

I turned around and left.

The doctor called to me at the back, "Miss Qin, although Mr. Lu was in a coma when he was sent here, after our rescue, he woke up once."

I turned, "and then? What do you mean wake up once? Since you wake up, why don't you save him

I asked.

Now that I'm awake, why am I still dead!

"When he woke up, he said," you will come. If you do, let me tell you something. " The doctor looked at me and said, "he said he loves you. If there is an afterlife, let him meet you earlier."




I just looked at the doctor and couldn't say a word.

Tears, down the corner of the eye.

My heart seems to be pinched.

It hurts.

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