I sat down on his bed and gave a wry smile, "but it won't be me."

"Why?" Lu Qiaoyu got up and sat down next to me. He took my hand and said, "Ji Qingxuan has nothing to do with you. He's going to marry Qin Jiameng, right? I know that you are an independent individual, you are a free man, and you don't belong to anyone!"


I didn't take back my hand and let him hold it.

Lu Qiaoyu looked at me as if he was a little anxious. "If you are worried about my parents, you can rest assured that I will deal with it well and never let that happen again."

"But it's not fair to you."

"It doesn't matter. I don't care. I..."

"Lu Xuechang." Before Lu Qiaoyu said something that made me feel more guilty, I interrupted him and said, "senior, do you think that the relationship between Ji Qingxuan and I just started when I married him for Qin Jiameng?"

"Isn't it?"

Lu Qiaoyu was stunned.

I gently shook my head, sank my heart, and slowly said, "no, I love Ji Qingxuan. I have loved him for many years. I first met him when I was ten years old..."

I sat beside Lu Qiaoyu and told Lu Qiaoyu about my first meeting with Ji Qingxuan and my persistence in those years.

Besides Jiang Qin, he is the second person to know this.

Lu Qiaoyu sat there and listened quietly.

He let go of my hand and lowered his head. I heard a self mocking sneer.

He said, "I came too late."

“…… I'm sorry that he hurt me like that. How I wish I could take him out of my heart. But I tried many times and found that I couldn't do it. I could only build a high wall of my heart so that he wouldn't hurt me, but he was in the wall and couldn't get out. "

If I can, I would like to love Lu Qiaoyu.

At least I don't have to work so hard.

Lu Qiaoyu listened and nodded, "I know."

"I'm sorry."

I wanted to say Angie was very good, but I hesitated and shut up.

This is Lu Qiaoyu's own business. I shouldn't interfere too much.

He sat down again, took a look at his cell phone, got up, said to me with a smile, "let's go, or I'll be late for work, I'll see you off."

At that time, the morning sun on the man's face, like a layer of holy light, so good-looking.

I just looked at it and lost my mind for a moment.

Such a nice man.

I just love him.

I murmured in my heart.

It's a pity that all things are not if.

Lu Qiaoyu tidied up his clothes, helped me with my bag and opened the door for me.

We went downstairs together. Because of the time, he didn't check out, so he sent me to work first.

He took me to the door of the company, handed me the bag and waved to me, "come to Yancheng to see you next time."

I nodded, closed the door, watched the car disappear in the traffic, I turned into the company.

As soon as I got to the office in the morning, I got an inside call from Deng Qi, asking me to go to his office.

I put down my bag and passed without even making coffee.

As soon as he went in, he asked, "Qin Jiaqi, who is the expert you called yesterday? He can see such a tiny difference. "

"My friend."

I smile.

Well, it's the person I trust the most.

Deng Qi sat in the boss's chair and said happily, "because of the super high level of your works in the second round and the Wulong event of Lu Yuhan, you have been confirmed ahead of time that you have entered the final. Go back and prepare well! Don't disgrace me

"All right, boss."

In fact, I'm not surprised. After all, if we didn't enter the company, it would not take so much effort.

After that, Deng Qi and I reported the recent progress of our work. He called a designer to come over and asked her to follow me. If I went to participate in the design competition, I would be ready to take over my work at any time.

We've been working together all morning.

When I was free again, I found that my mobile phone was still in my bag.

When I took the mobile phone out of my bag, I saw two calls from Lu Qiaoyu and seven or eight voice records from wechat.

I didn't think much about it. When I started the voice call, there was a lot of noise, and then Lu Qiaoyu's voice came out.

"Xuemei, I'm sorry, I may not be able to see you..."

"Qin Jiaqi, I love you."

"Why don't you answer my phone? I want to tell you this sentence myself... "

"Cough, I Cough, cough. "

"I love you, you have to be good, you Cough... "

"I love you..."

"I love you..."

"I Cough... "The last few, has been repeating that I love you.

At that moment, my heart suddenly felt extremely sour, breathing difficulties!

An ominous premonition rose in my heart.

I picked up my cell phone to call Lu Qiaoyu back, but no one answered.

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