Maybe it's because I've taken a tranquilizer. I'm still a little dizzy. I bump around when I'm running, but I can't manage so much.

Just to the door, saw a big van parked there.

There were seven or eight people standing by.

I recognized Lu Qiaoyu's parents at a glance.

They saw me, too.

As I walked on, Lu Qiaoyu's mother came up and pushed me away, "don't follow my son any more! It's all you! You're a wet blanket! But for you, how could my son have died! "

"Aunt, aunt, forget it. Don't be angry." She was supported by someone nearby.

"Auntie, I'm wrong." I looked at the body of Lu Qiaoyu in the car and begged her, "I want to have another look at my senior, OK?"

"No way!" Lu Qiaoyu's mother blocked the door and kept pushing me, "you broom star, do you think you can return my son's life?"

Lu Qiaoyu's mother cried badly.

She always pushed me to keep a distance between Lu Qiaoyu and me.

I know that if the body is taken away, I will never see Lu Qiaoyu again.

"Auntie, I..."

When I wanted to ask her again, a man came out from behind the crowd.

Before I could react, the man raised his hand and slapped me in the face!

I just feel my ears buzzing.

Looking up, Angie was standing in front of her.

She looked at me with red eyes. "Qin Jiaqi, can you get out of here? You've done Lu Qiaoyu such a terrible harm before, and you don't know how to repent. Now you've taken his life. You're still here. What else do you want to do?"


I was beaten by her, I didn't hate her at all, and even felt deeply remorse.

Yeah, I did it all.

If it wasn't for that, how could Lu Qiaoyu come to Yancheng?

If you don't come, you won't go back.

There would be no accident.

It's all my fault.

I killed him.

"As far as you can go, please never forget that Lu Qiaoyu was killed by you!"

Angel said, directly raised her hand and closed the door of the van.

Help Lu Qiaoyu's mother to get on the bus.

I stood there and watched them get on the bus.

Looking at the van carrying Lu Qiaoyu getting farther and farther away from me.

When I couldn't see the car, I finally squatted on the ground, buried my head in my knees and said, "senior I'm sorry... "

I'm sorry.

If I do it again, I'd rather die.

The next day, I went back to Yancheng.

Ask the company for leave.

Take the money and rent the room that Lu Qiaoyu reserved for me before.

I live in it.

Do nothing, just sit on the bed in a daze, looking at the door, waiting for the door to be knocked.

Expecting the door to open, Lu Qiaoyu came in.

However, every time I was disappointed.

It's always room service.

I stayed for seven days.

On the seventh day, the door was knocked again.

I go to open the door with joy, open the door, standing at the door Jiang Qin, see me, a punch up, "you make enough!"


I looked at her and murmured, "how do you know I'm here?"

"You don't care." Jiang Qin gave me a look and said angrily, "what are you doing? Waiting here for your superpower to travel through time and space? "


Yeah, I'm looking forward to something.

Lu Qiaoyu is dead. He will never come back.

"Tell me what happened." Jiang Qin sat on the bed and looked at me.

I started to tell him about plagiarism in the second round, until Lu Qiaoyu died.

After that, I murmured, "it's all my fault. I don't have the ability, otherwise I don't have to ask him for help, so he won't come to Yancheng, won't get on the highway, and won't die..."

"Wake up! It's all accidents

"It's not an accident, it's not me. He won't come to Yancheng." I repeated firmly, "if he doesn't come to Yancheng, he won't go back to the Expressway..."

Jiang Qin saw me like this, sitting on the bed and holding me in his arms, "OK, everything must be Lu Qiaoyu's willing. Even if he knew something would happen, he would definitely come back. This is his choice."


"There are so many, but he certainly does not regret, for the sake of the people he loves, what regret."

Jiang Qin's words made me silent.

For the people you love.

He loves me, I know. He sent me so many messages before he died.

Tell him he loves me.

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