Qin Jiameng sat on the other side of the glass wall, his body didn't move, and a mocking smile came out of the corner of his mouth, "is that right? Then you have to be able to come out first. "

The police see me excited, directly hold me down, warning, "be honest!"

I was held down by the police and couldn't move, but Qin Jiameng said hypocritically, "Mr. police, Jiaqi, she was confused at the moment. Don't embarrass her."

Later, I sat in a chair, but the police were standing behind me, a step away.

"Qin Jiameng, I said, I don't want to be Mrs. Ji."

My voice softened.

Now I even think that as long as Qin Jiameng withdraws the lawsuit, maybe this matter will be solved.

Qin Jiameng certainly knows what I think.

She sat outside, once again put on a pathetic expression, "Jiaqi, our sisters, I attach the most importance to this sisterhood, but, you again and again, again and again to me, now the family has been very disappointed with you, I'm afraid if because of my soft heart, I have a weakness, parents, and grandma, can't stand the blow."

She mentioned grandma.

It's like catching a straw!

"Grandma? Does grandma know about this? " I asked her.

"This..." Qin Jiameng didn't seem to expect that I would ask. She nodded quickly, "well, I know. I didn't know last time. Qingxuan and I helped you hide it. But this time, we can't hide it. The old people of both families know it."

Listen to Qin Jiameng, I just want to sneer.

She kept it from me?

It must have been Ji Qingxuan who tried to hide it last time.

This time, it is obvious that Qin Jiameng acted first and then played.

I have to say that Qin Jiameng is ruthless.

If once, Qin Ci and Ji Yanhai may feel something else.

But twice, who will believe that I am innocent?

Qin Jiameng's words made me sure that she would not help me.