Qin Jiameng sat on the other side of the glass wall, his body didn't move, and a mocking smile came out of the corner of his mouth, "is that right? Then you have to be able to come out first. "

The police see me excited, directly hold me down, warning, "be honest!"

I was held down by the police and couldn't move, but Qin Jiameng said hypocritically, "Mr. police, Jiaqi, she was confused at the moment. Don't embarrass her."

Later, I sat in a chair, but the police were standing behind me, a step away.

"Qin Jiameng, I said, I don't want to be Mrs. Ji."

My voice softened.

Now I even think that as long as Qin Jiameng withdraws the lawsuit, maybe this matter will be solved.

Qin Jiameng certainly knows what I think.

She sat outside, once again put on a pathetic expression, "Jiaqi, our sisters, I attach the most importance to this sisterhood, but, you again and again, again and again to me, now the family has been very disappointed with you, I'm afraid if because of my soft heart, I have a weakness, parents, and grandma, can't stand the blow."

She mentioned grandma.

It's like catching a straw!

"Grandma? Does grandma know about this? " I asked her.

"This..." Qin Jiameng didn't seem to expect that I would ask. She nodded quickly, "well, I know. I didn't know last time. Qingxuan and I helped you hide it. But this time, we can't hide it. The old people of both families know it."

Listen to Qin Jiameng, I just want to sneer.

She kept it from me?

It must have been Ji Qingxuan who tried to hide it last time.

This time, it is obvious that Qin Jiameng acted first and then played.

I have to say that Qin Jiameng is ruthless.

If once, Qin Ci and Ji Yanhai may feel something else.

But twice, who will believe that I am innocent?

Qin Jiameng's words made me sure that she would not help me.

I don't have to talk to her.

He turned and went back to the detention house.

In the subsequent investigation, I heard that the police used a lie detector to detect the workers who identified me.

As a result, he didn't lie.

Soon, the one month investigation ended.

Although I refused Lu Qiaoyu, he helped me find a lawyer.

However, because of the testimony of the workers and the results of the lie detector, I stood in the dock and listened to the trial of the case.

Ji Qingxuan and Qin Jiameng are sitting on the auditorium.

How familiar the process is.

I know. I can't turn it over.

At the end of the first trial, the judge announced that I had been sentenced for another six months.

When I was taken out of the interrogation hall by the C.O., I felt like I was back two years ago.

I looked at the handcuffs on my hands and even felt that if I went in again this time, I might not be as lucky as last time.

I will die in it!

At this moment, my heart suddenly fell into infinite panic!

My limbs are shaking.

"Don't Don't... " I murmur and look up, see not far away, Ji Qingxuan and Qin Jiameng in front of me!

I suddenly ran up and rushed to Ji Qingxuan like crazy!

"Plop" knelt down in front of him, grabbed his trouser legs and begged, "Mr. Ji, I didn't harm her, I didn't do anything, I beg you, believe me once, as long as you withdraw the lawsuit, I promise that I will never go back to Yancheng, and I promise that I will never appear in your vision in my life!"

I'm not so spineless.

The terrible memories of the last time I was in prison and the fear of entering prison again made me unable to control myself at all.

At this moment, all my cowardice broke out!

The police quickly came up and tried to pull me away.

But I held Ji Qingxuan's leg and begged him, "Mr. Ji, I promise, please withdraw the lawsuit. Please, I have lost a child in prison. I don't want to go in again. I beg you!"

I have no choice.

However, when I said this, I saw Ji Qingxuan's pupils shrink violently.

There was an obvious hesitation in his expression.

Qin Jiameng seems to have noticed. She quickly takes him by her arm and says, "Qingxuan, if you release Jiaqi again, I'm really afraid I won't be so lucky next time..."

She a word, Ji Qingxuan force a lift foot, directly throw me heavy!

The police took the opportunity to hold me down.

I was taken away by the police, looked back, and finally looked at Ji Qingxuan in despair.

Back in the detention center, I seem to be sick. Whenever and wherever I go, I can't help shaking. My fear is like ten thousand ants eating my heart.

I didn't like to cry before, but these days, tears always fall down unconsciously.

I don't eat, I don't drink.

In my opinion, it's better to die here than to go back to that prison.I have a strong premonition that if I go back, I will not be able to get out.

When I lingered on the edge of despair for three days, the police came and told me, "Qin Jiaqi, you can go."

I thought there was something wrong with my ears.

I looked at the police and confirmed, "what?"

I'm so weak that I can't speak much.

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