When I open my eyes again, in front of me is the cold iron window again.

The moonlight came through the cool railings and shone on the small cell with a square meter.

This is not a detention house, this is a prison!

"No, no!"

My brain explodes!

Isn't it already out?

Didn't I go out already?!

Why am I in prison?!

I suddenly got up and beat the door of the cell like crazy!

"Let me out! Let me out! I'm going out! I didn't harm anyone

But the corridor of the prison was empty.

No one answered me.

I yelled for a long time, and finally my voice was hoarse.



I squatted down, looking at the deep corridor, tears simply can not stop to stay.

Holding his knees in his hands.

"Why, why do you do this to me! I didn't do anything

"I really didn't do anything. I didn't hurt Qin Jiameng once!"

"I've got my child."

As I squatted there, murmuring to myself.

I heard footsteps.

I thought I heard hope. I stood up, put my face on the glass of the prison door, and saw a black figure from far to near.

The man wears the suit of fit, standing there, so elegant, so good-looking.

Ji Qingxuan.

I thought he was just outside, but as soon as he reached out, he pushed the door open!

"Ji Qingxuan!" I looked at the man in front of me, full of hate, holding his arm, "why did you bring me here?"

The man looked at me and said nothing.

Maybe it's too dark for me to see his face clearly.

I grabbed him and cried.

Tell him, I didn't kill, I didn't harm Qin Jiameng, beg him to believe me, beg him to let me go.

I don't know how long, how long, the man suddenly reached out and hugged me, touched my head and said, "I believe you. I'll take you out now."

"Really?" I grabbed him and could hardly believe my ears.

I lean in his arms, maybe it's too warm

I fell asleep before I knew it.

When I woke up again, the sky outside the window just turned white.

I looked at the familiar environment around me and realized that last night, it was just a dream.

I wanted to get up and feel a strong arm pressing on my waist.

Turn your head and see Ji Qingxuan lying beside you.

Why does he sleep here?

I quickly checked the clothes on my body. It was the way I looked before I went to bed yesterday.

Because I haven't eaten for several days, I only ate a little porridge before going to bed yesterday. At this time, my strength hasn't fully recovered, and I don't even have the strength to move Ji Qingxuan's arm.

I can only lie quietly, waiting for Ji Qingxuan to wake up.

I carefully looked at the man's sleeping face. The way he was sleeping was not as cold as when he was awake. He looked very good.

Ji Qingxuan woke up at about 7 o'clock.

Because I didn't fully recover, he arranged for a servant to take care of me.

It took me about three days to recover.

I want to thank Ji Qingxuan, but after that day, I never saw him again.

I've recovered, and I don't plan to stay in this villa any longer.

After all, the Qin family and the Ji family know about the two times. No matter how good they are, they can't let me stay with Ji Qingxuan.

Naturally, I don't expect it.

However, this is also good. If Qin Jiameng wishes, I don't have to worry about Ji Qingxuan's relationship with her any more.

I contacted Jiang Qin and told her that I wanted to ask her to borrow some money.

I want to leave Yancheng and start a new life.

Jiang Qin was not happy when he heard that, "are you so cheap, Qin Jiameng?"

"Only when I get stronger and better can I get back at her, can I?"

Now I've been in prison for a year and a half. With the help of Lu Qiaoyu, I've entered Yufeng design. But it's just because I joined him that his new company, which has already improved, was almost yellowed by Ji Qingxuan.

"Then you have been wronged for nothing?"

"I have no proof that I was not wronged."

I know Jiang Qin is unfair for me.

But even the lie detector of the police proved that the workers were telling the truth.

I really can't think of how to prove my innocence.

That afternoon, I went to Jiang Qin's house. She bought all kinds of snacks. While eating, she scolded Qin Jiameng and Ji Qingxuan for me.

Later we discussed where we were going.In the end, she strongly recommended me to go to Hong Kong City.

Gangcheng and Yancheng are both big cities. The difference is that there are a lot of foreign capital in Gangcheng. They only value ability.

As long as I'm willing to start from scratch, I should be able to make a world there.

When the place was ordered, Jiang Qin took out 100000 yuan to lend it to me.

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