When I open my eyes again, in front of me is the cold iron window again.

The moonlight came through the cool railings and shone on the small cell with a square meter.

This is not a detention house, this is a prison!

"No, no!"

My brain explodes!

Isn't it already out?

Didn't I go out already?!

Why am I in prison?!

I suddenly got up and beat the door of the cell like crazy!

"Let me out! Let me out! I'm going out! I didn't harm anyone

But the corridor of the prison was empty.

No one answered me.

I yelled for a long time, and finally my voice was hoarse.



I squatted down, looking at the deep corridor, tears simply can not stop to stay.

Holding his knees in his hands.

"Why, why do you do this to me! I didn't do anything

"I really didn't do anything. I didn't hurt Qin Jiameng once!"

"I've got my child."

As I squatted there, murmuring to myself.

I heard footsteps.

I thought I heard hope. I stood up, put my face on the glass of the prison door, and saw a black figure from far to near.

The man wears the suit of fit, standing there, so elegant, so good-looking.