Anyone knows that if you stay in a house with formaldehyde exceeding the standard, you will soon get leukemia.

I know after listening, how can Qin Jiameng waste this opportunity in vain?

Originally, I was not afraid.

But later, the police asked me again and again, during which I knew that what everyone responded to the police was -

I was the one who had the most time to commit the crime.

Because the whole project, I was the first to go, the last to go.

I'm the one with the most motive.

Because although I am Mrs. Ji, Ji Qingxuan loves Qin Jiameng.

What's more, I was in prison last time because I pushed Qin Jiameng to the foot of the mountain. If I didn't find out in time, she might have died.

The trial after trial, this feeling of being unable to argue, makes me feel familiar.

Make me feel scared!

Later, the police found the workers who mixed high concentration formaldehyde into the wallpaper.

I sat in the detention house and watched the worker point at me and say I made him do it.

Then he said tearfully that he was from the countryside. He had three children in his family, two of whom were twins his wife had just given birth to. Moreover, his wife fell ill after giving birth to the children. In addition, his parents were seriously ill, so he was bewildered and agreed to me.

After listening, the policeman gave me a look.

That look, like looking at a heinous sinner.

No, if I do, I'm a real sinner.

I watched the worker kneel on the ground and beg the police to let him go, saying that he was the pillar of the family. When he went in, the family was finished.

"I didn't!" I finally couldn't carry it. I stood up and said excitedly, "I didn't let you do such a thing at all!"

It's not that I'm hard hearted, it's that I don't want to be wronged.

I don't want to go to jail again!

"It's you!" The worker pointed at me, "it's all here. Why don't you admit it? You want to kill me! When I was about to leave work that day, it was you who put 100000 yuan in my bag and asked me to help you. At that time, my child was ill and my wife called me to ask for money, so I promised you! "

The worker cried as he spoke.

It's said that men have tears.

And I have the character of swallowing tears in my heart.

Anyone who sees me and him will believe him!

"Well, go back first!" The police waved the workers back, and then looked at me in disgust, "I'll make you admit it!"

Later, I was detained again.

The first one who came to see me was Lu Qiaoyu, but I refused to see him.

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