Anyone knows that if you stay in a house with formaldehyde exceeding the standard, you will soon get leukemia.

I know after listening, how can Qin Jiameng waste this opportunity in vain?

Originally, I was not afraid.

But later, the police asked me again and again, during which I knew that what everyone responded to the police was -

I was the one who had the most time to commit the crime.

Because the whole project, I was the first to go, the last to go.

I'm the one with the most motive.

Because although I am Mrs. Ji, Ji Qingxuan loves Qin Jiameng.

What's more, I was in prison last time because I pushed Qin Jiameng to the foot of the mountain. If I didn't find out in time, she might have died.

The trial after trial, this feeling of being unable to argue, makes me feel familiar.