I pulled my hand out of Lu Qiaoyu's hand.

But at this time, angel has come to me, a pair of eyes staring at my wrist that Lu Qiaoyu had just held.

"You haven't left yet?" Seeing Angie, Lu Qiaoyu didn't seem to feel that there was anything wrong with her behavior. Instead, he said to her, "go back and have a rest early."

This is chasing her.

Angel face with a smile, nodded, "you and I go first, will not disturb you."

As soon as she was about to turn around, Lu Qiaoyu added, "Qin Jiaqi is my college sister. Take care of her more."

Angel stopped, looked at me and said slowly, "OK, don't worry."

Just this once.

I knew I was trapped.

As soon as angel left, Lu Qiaoyu said he would take me to dinner.

I first agreed, and when I got on the bus, I grabbed Lu Qiaoyu's hand to turn the key and said, "Lu Xuechang, I have a few words to say."

Lu Qiaoyu seemed to realize what I was going to say. Just as he wanted to speak, I raised my voice and said, "I was in prison and was beaten."

My words made Lu Qiaoyu swallow what he was going to say.

I looked at him and told him all about being pregnant before going to prison and being forced to abort in prison.

Finally, he added, "I went to the hospital for examination. The doctor said that my uterus was damaged and I couldn't get pregnant in my life."

I lied to him.

After all, Lu Qiaoyu is so good that I don't deserve him.

I think men all want to have their own children. He can't ignore this.

At that time, I did see the hesitation in Lu Qiaoyu's eyes.

I thought I was right.

But, I didn't expect, he suddenly hugged me, "Jiaqi, you suffered so much in prison, I'm sorry, I have no ability, can't help you win the lawsuit."

I was stunned in his arms.

"Mr. Lu, I said I couldn't have children."

"I don't mind if I can't have one."

Lu Qiaoyu's behavior was totally unexpected.

I broke away from his arms and looked at him. I didn't know what to say for a moment.

But Lu Qiaoyu also realized that he was too tight with me recently, and offered that he would not come to me except on weekends.

The next day, I continued to go to Ji's hotel. When I went in, angel was talking about some details with the person in charge of the hotel.

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