In fact, I didn't want to see Ji Qingxuan again after I got out of prison.

I didn't expect it would be so fast.

I hid behind the post and heard someone coming out of the hotel to flatter me.

From their conversation, I probably know that this hotel belongs to Ji.

"I can follow you, like the shadow chasing the light, sleepwalking..."

As I hid behind the post, waiting for them to leave first, my cell phone rang.

It's Angie's.

I didn't dare to answer. I had to take the phone and rush into the hall.

As soon as I got in, angel stood inside and looked at me. After confirming that I was Qin Jiaqi, she began to arrange work for me.

Angel is used to be a big name in a big company. When I go, she doesn't treat me as an assistant, but as a servant.

In addition to taking materials, checking projects, and even helping her buy water and throw garbage, I need to do it for her.