In fact, I didn't want to see Ji Qingxuan again after I got out of prison.

I didn't expect it would be so fast.

I hid behind the post and heard someone coming out of the hotel to flatter me.

From their conversation, I probably know that this hotel belongs to Ji.

"I can follow you, like the shadow chasing the light, sleepwalking..."

As I hid behind the post, waiting for them to leave first, my cell phone rang.

It's Angie's.

I didn't dare to answer. I had to take the phone and rush into the hall.

As soon as I got in, angel stood inside and looked at me. After confirming that I was Qin Jiaqi, she began to arrange work for me.

Angel is used to be a big name in a big company. When I go, she doesn't treat me as an assistant, but as a servant.

In addition to taking materials, checking projects, and even helping her buy water and throw garbage, I need to do it for her.

It may be more than assistant work, but it's much happier than being in prison.

I do it one by one.

As a result, angel saw that I was easy to use, and she began to let me help her with her private affairs.

At noon, she went to dinner and asked me to supervise the work here.

I wait from 12 to 3 p.m.

The hungry are already hungry.

I went out to find her. As soon as I went out, I heard angel's voice coming from the shady corner.

"Ha ha, yes. I thought Lu Qiaoyu doted on her so much. As a result, she didn't know how to do it, so she came to be my assistant."

"I'm hanging on to her. If she can't do it, I'll quit."

"Yes, after all, in order to chase him, I can't earn tens of thousands less a month. How can I get a woman who doesn't know where to come out to cut off her beard?"

When I heard this, I understood it all at once.

The reason why angel is so targeted at me is entirely because of Lu Qiaoyu.

This week when I came back, Lu Qiaoyu almost went to my office two or three times a day, regardless of my three refusals.

It has already aroused the dissatisfaction of many colleagues.

But I didn't expect that it would affect my study as an assistant.

I went out in one step.

Angel saw me, face unnaturally stiff for a while, then hung up the phone, said displeased, "I'm not asking you to look at the workers, what are you doing here?"

"Sister Ann." I stepped forward and said, "for president Lu, I think you are too worried."

Angel listen to my call Lu Zong, originally step out, and back.

I went on to explain, "Mr. Lu just gave me a job because I was his schoolgirl. Moreover, you don't have to aim at me at all, because it's impossible for Mr. Lu to take a fancy to me."

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