With my words, Angie's face turned green.

The people around are more interested in watching.

Angel was angry for a long time and didn't return to me. She turned around and left.

In fact, I regret my words because angel is really capable. The reason why she came to Lu Qiaoyu's company to reduce the price is all because of her feelings for Lu Qiaoyu.

In my words, if she resigns

Throughout the afternoon, I was struggling to apologize to Angie while I was helping him.

Two hours after work, I finally finished the work assigned by He Gong, but my clothes were too dirty to wear.

As I was tidying up, I went to the bathroom.

Just to the door, suddenly from the men's toilet out of He Gong a pull, will I pull close to the men's toilet.

"Ah I screamed.

He put his hand directly over my mouth.