The next morning, I was woken up by the C.O. and she told me to work.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I grabbed the guard and said, "my child! Yesterday someone came and hit my child! "

The C.O. looked at me. "Are you crazy?"

"I didn't!"

I argued.

However, the basin that those people brought yesterday took away all the things that came out of my stomach.

I looked down and saw that there was still some blood on my trousers. I pointed to the blood and said to the prison guard, "this, this is the blood shed yesterday!"

The guard looked at me and said, "we're all women. We'll talk about it as soon as we're on holiday."

No matter what I say, the C.O. doesn't believe it.

And arranged for me to work.

When I finished my work and wanted to go back to my cell, I was stopped by the prison guard, pointing to a multi person cell and saying, "from today on, you live here."

I suddenly realized that yesterday I was able to live in that good cell.

Maybe it's because someone's already set it up.

As soon as I entered the multi person cell, several fat women gathered around me. One of them grabbed my hair and asked me, "you were the one who yelled yesterday and made me sleep badly, didn't you?"

"No I... "

When I saw that the comer was not good and wanted to subconsciously deny it, I got a punch in the face!

After that, several women pushed me to the corner and beat and kicked me.

I curled up into a group, only to hear one of the people who beat me say, "this has special approval, just fight, as long as you don't kill."

My heart is cold.

Ji Qingxuan, Ji Qingxuan, you are so cruel!!


autumn goes and spring comes

A year and a half in prison has finally arrived.

I was standing at the gate of the prison with new and old scars all over my body. The strong sunlight was shining on me, which made me feel more alive.

"Xuemei, welcome back."

When I look up and feel the temperature of freedom, a kind and familiar voice rings in my ear.

It's Lu Qiaoyu.

Not seen for more than a year, he is wearing a light colored suit, the whole person looks more mature and handsome.

And I, a year and a half of inhumane prison life makes me skinny, hair yellow, skin dry, no elasticity.

Standing with him, even I feel gloomy.

Lu Qiaoyu's attitude towards me has not changed because of my appearance.

He gentlemanly opened the front passenger's door for me.

In early spring, when it was warm and cold, he turned on the heating for me early.

I sit in the car, only feel already frozen through their own, feel a little warm.

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