He looked at the toiletries that I went to the bathroom and said shyly, "I haven't bought anything for women before, and I don't know what brand you use, so I bought some delicious ones."

"Thank you." I turn on the shampoo and smell it.


After that, he took me to dinner.

At dinner, he said he was starting a business and asked me if I would like to work as a designer in his company.

I know that he wanted to help me, but I was in prison for a year and a half, and I was not sure whether I could be qualified for this position.

Lu Qiaoyu listened to me and said only four words, "I believe you."

After dinner, he took me around his company and took me to the desk where I was going to sit.

I found that it was the desk in the corner of the nearest office to his office.

"I think you used to have big classes at school and like to sit in the corner." Lu Qiaoyu explained.

"Thank you."

I don't know what to say except thank you.

In the evening, Lu Qiaoyu sent me home, and the gentleman left.

I took a bath early, put on the pajamas that Lu Qiaoyu had prepared before, and finally got a good sleep.

The next morning, when I got up, I saw Jiang Qin lying on the sofa.

She sleeps on all fours.

Instead of waking her up, I went to make breakfast.

She woke up when she smelled the food, put her head on my shoulder, and said with a big tongue, "it's good for Jiaqi to come back. I'll have a loving breakfast."

I laughed, "eat more if you like."

Jiang Qin was with me that day. She said that she was promoted to purser and had money. Although I refused repeatedly, she took me to have a hairdressing, bought some common cosmetics, and took me to have my hair done in the afternoon.

My hair was like withered grass. Under Jiang Qin's order, I was cut to the root of my ears by the barber with a pair of scissors.

I dyed it again.

After some twists and turns, I have a sense of rebirth.

On Monday morning, I went to the company with make-up according to Jiang Qin's instructions.

Lu Qiaoyu was waiting for me at the door of the company. When I got out of the elevator, his eyes couldn't hide their amazement. He was dumb for a long time before he said, "you are beautiful."

Although the image has changed, it can't change the fact that I haven't contacted this industry for more than a year.

In this information age, the development of this industry is really faster than I expected.

And it's all blossoming.

When I received the first order, I was told by the client that my vision was outdated, so I went directly to our minister and forced to change the designer.

If an order is replaced, it's the customer's problem.

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