Ji Qingxuan pushed me with great strength. I felt pain in my spine and stomach.

The door was closed with a bang, and the police came quickly to lock it.

I ran after him, grabbed the small window on the door and yelled, "Ji Qingxuan, I'm pregnant with your baby!"

"Then take your children with you to die!"

On the dark corridor, came the man's cold curse.

I stand in the same place, aggrieved, angry!

The next day I was in prison, I met Lu Qiaoyu. He said that he would help me find a lawyer to fight a lawsuit.

But later, he was very embarrassed to tell me that at present, senior lawyers are not willing to take the case, and only some new lawyers intend to have a try. Although the probability is very small, he hopes that I will not give up.

Don't give up? How can I not give up.

A month later, the first instance opened, and I was taken to the court and stood in the dock.

Qin Jiameng was sitting in a wheelchair, wearing a beautiful Dousha color skirt, long hair tied into a beautiful bun, with proper makeup.

And I'm dressed in a prison uniform, and I'm disheartened.

It seems to reflect the two kinds of life since then.

The young lawyer Lu Qiaoyu hired for me was obviously inexperienced. He was asked a few questions by the other lawyer and was speechless.

As a result, I didn't expect it -

I was convicted of intentional injury for a year and a half.

After coming down, I refused to accept and appealed. Soon after, the appeal was rejected.

I'm in jail.

At that time, my stomach was gradually revealed, and I realized that it was a life. I went in and told the C.O. immediately, "I'm pregnant!"

The female C.O. lifted up my clothes, looked at my slightly raised abdomen, and found a pregnancy test stick for me to check.

After confirming that I was pregnant, I was put into a single cell, and then she went and reported to her superior.

At that time, I thought that I could at least go on bail to see a doctor and give birth smoothly.

But I didn't expect that that night, when I was sleeping in a daze, suddenly several people broke into my room, tied me to a half bed they pushed, and tied my legs to the shelves on both sides. I realized that the situation was wrong and cried for help!

But no one came at all!

I struggled desperately. Among the people who came here, four of them grabbed my limbs, and another one, holding a forceps, stretched out to my X-way!

"No, no, no!" I was so scared that I cried out and begged, "please, don't, don't kill my child!"

But the man didn't stop his hand and went straight in -


It hurts!

Deep pain!

I yell!

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