Ji Qingxuan pushed me with great strength. I felt pain in my spine and stomach.

The door was closed with a bang, and the police came quickly to lock it.

I ran after him, grabbed the small window on the door and yelled, "Ji Qingxuan, I'm pregnant with your baby!"

"Then take your children with you to die!"

On the dark corridor, came the man's cold curse.

I stand in the same place, aggrieved, angry!

The next day I was in prison, I met Lu Qiaoyu. He said that he would help me find a lawyer to fight a lawsuit.

But later, he was very embarrassed to tell me that at present, senior lawyers are not willing to take the case, and only some new lawyers intend to have a try. Although the probability is very small, he hopes that I will not give up.

Don't give up? How can I not give up.

A month later, the first instance opened, and I was taken to the court and stood in the dock.

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