Only when I got to the police station did I know that Qin Jiameng disappeared after meeting me in the afternoon. The search team searched for her for several hours and found her unconscious and seriously injured at the foot of the mountain at more than 10 p.m.

She was judged to have rolled down the mountain.

I was found because I had a call record with her last night and her last message was sent to me before she disappeared.

Jiaqi, I have arrived. Where are you? 】

when I heard this, I immediately argued, "how can I have a call record with her? Are you kidding me? I never get in touch with her, and I haven't been in touch with her for months! "

Although I denied it, the police directly took out Qin Jiameng's call records in the last month.

It shows that she and I talk on the phone every few days.

The police concluded from this frequency that I had a good relationship with her.

"It's fake!" I deny it.