On the Wednesday after the weekend, the 18th line star Deng ChuChu's wedding room decoration that I received before was almost over, but she suddenly contacted me.

He said that he had a new idea in the backyard design.

Previously, according to her requirements, the small part of the backyard was built into a Japanese style courtyard. Now it is almost finished, and she says that she has new ideas.

My head is killing me.

In line with the principle of customer first, I patiently told her, "Miss Deng, it's like this. You passed the previous design scheme, and the construction of the backyard is almost completed. If we revise it now, the previous budget will be..."

"What? Are you afraid we can't afford it? "

Before I finished, Deng ChuChu yelled at me on the phone.

I'm afraid I don't think she has any money.

As soon as I heard it, it was easy to pay for it. I quickly said, "well, I'll make an appointment with you. Let's meet and talk."

Deng ChuChu is not a fuel-efficient lamp.

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