Lu Qiaoyu didn't know what happened between Qin Jiameng and me, so he said hello to her very friendly.

Qin Jiameng asks Ji Qingxuan if they can work together?

Actually, I didn't want to, but Lu Qiaoyu agreed.

The four of us put together a table and moved the box from the hall.

When ordering, Qin jiamengjiao said, "I'm pregnant, I can't eat spicy food, I can't eat seafood, so please bear with me. When ordering, I don't want to order these."

She said and looked at me, "Jiaqi, do you have any taboos?"

There is something in the story.

"No I said decisively.

And when I see Qin Jiameng and Ji Qingxuan so sweet, I'm more sure that I'm not going to have a baby in Yancheng.

Qin Jiameng understands what I mean.