Lu Qiaoyu didn't know what happened between Qin Jiameng and me, so he said hello to her very friendly.

Qin Jiameng asks Ji Qingxuan if they can work together?

Actually, I didn't want to, but Lu Qiaoyu agreed.

The four of us put together a table and moved the box from the hall.

When ordering, Qin jiamengjiao said, "I'm pregnant, I can't eat spicy food, I can't eat seafood, so please bear with me. When ordering, I don't want to order these."

She said and looked at me, "Jiaqi, do you have any taboos?"

There is something in the story.

"No I said decisively.

And when I see Qin Jiameng and Ji Qingxuan so sweet, I'm more sure that I'm not going to have a baby in Yancheng.

Qin Jiameng understands what I mean.

She didn't want Ji Qingxuan to know that I was pregnant.

Qin Jiameng and Lu Qiaoyu decide the order, and Lu Qiaoyu orders the dishes I like.

Soon, a large table was served.

Lu Qiaoyu took the initiative to help me with the dishes. Every time he put them down in my bowl, I could feel Ji Qingxuan's chilly eyes.

Just say, "thank you. I'll do it myself."

Qin Jiameng looked in her eyes and said, "Jiaqi, are you with Lu Xuechang whom you worship?"

Her face is full of gossip, but I know what she wants to ask.

"My husband Ji Qingxuan is sitting here. When you ask me such a question, is it intended to cause conflicts in our family?" I continued, "Mr. Lu is now the general manager of our company. We just came out for a working meal."

In my opinion, this meal is a working meal.

Lu Qiaoyu didn't say anything when he saw Ji Qingxuan that day, but he also understood when he saw Ji Qingxuan and Qin Jiameng today.

Take the initiative to help me out, "yes, I just came to Yancheng, I didn't bring any clothes, and I didn't have any friends, so I had to ask Xuemei to help me choose."

I gave him a grateful look.

Qin Jiameng meaningful "Oh" a body, to Ji Qingxuan coquetry, "sorry, I didn't mean that."

Ji Qingxuan just said, "nothing."

He didn't look very well.

After dinner, I was going to go with Lu Qiaoyu, but Ji Qingxuan suddenly grabbed me, "my husband is here, are you going to go with other men?"

His words, not only me, even Qin Jiameng are stunned.

She looks at Ji Qingxuan, Jiao didi shouts, "Qingxuan..."

Ji Qingxuan ignored her, but continued to say to me, "I'll let the driver take you back."

The man's tone is not consultation, but command.

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