When all my work was finished, Lu Qiaoyu turned off the computer, stretched out and said to me, "go, take you home."

I quickly refused, "no, so late, you also go back to rest early."

After all, it's almost 12 o'clock.

Lu Qiaoyu frowned, "what? I've just run out of water. Is it going to take the bridge down? "

He said, I am a little embarrassed, can only promise.

When I went downstairs, he pointed to a blue sports car and a bicycle and asked me, "which one do you want to take?"

I pointed to the bicycle.

Lu Qiaoyu raised the corner of his mouth and said with a smile, "I knew you would choose this."

Then he got on his bike.

I sat in the back seat in good order. Although he said he could put his hand on his waist soon, I refused.

When he was in college, Lu Qiaoyu was the male god in the hearts of many girls. How many people dream of this position in the back seat of his bicycle.

At the end of summer night, the cool wind slowly, I sat on the back seat of my bicycle, looking at the scenery on the street, a little trance.

It's like everything went back to college.

Waiting for the bicycle to Jiang Qin's downstairs, he looked at the dilapidated building and couldn't help frowning, "do you live here?"

"Well I moved out of my house and lived with my friends. " I made a general explanation.

Lu Qiaoyu nodded.

I didn't say much.

When he left, I realized how Lu Qiaoyu was in our company? Is he new?

As I thought, I walked into the corridor. As soon as I stepped into the corridor, I was grabbed by my wrist by a big palm. The next second, the whole person was on the wall!

Then there was a voice in my ear, "Qin Jiaqi, have you forgotten what was written in our prenuptial agreement?"

There is no light in the corridor, but I can tell it's Ji Qingxuan's voice.

"Of course I do."

Although I don't know why Ji Qingxuan is here, I have a clear conscience.

"Remember? Going home in the middle of the night with another man? That's how you remember it? " Ji Qingxuan's face was very close to me, and the strong alcohol smell sprayed on my face.

It seems that I'm a little bit tipsy.

I raised my head and looked into the man's eyes. "Ji Qingxuan, from the beginning of this marriage to now, I can stand up to myself and my heart. Do you believe it or not?"

I finish, bow, from the gap under the man's arm drill past.

Go upstairs.

At the corner, I turned back slightly. The cold moonlight covered the man. For a moment, it made me feel that the man's figure seemed very lonely.

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