I was a little flustered in my heart. After all, I have always been unknown in the company. If he sat down, wouldn't I become a public enemy of the masses?

As a result, when I was worried, Lu Qiaoyu turned around and sat on the empty table next to me.

Show me a "know you" smile.

My heart warms slightly.

I stayed in the company in the afternoon, but I didn't work overtime today. Instead, I made an appointment to see the customer at 5 o'clock.

As soon as I got out of the door of the company, I saw Lu Qiaoyu waving to me in a white sports car. I ran to him and he said, "I want to see my customers, right? Let's go. I'll see you off. "

Actually, I know he lied to me, but I got on the bus.

After getting on the bus, I complained to him, "why didn't you tell me when you came to be the general manager of our company?"

"Tell you what to do?" Lu Qiaoyu was driving, looking ahead, but with a smile in his mouth, he said to me, "no matter what I am, you are my primary school sister."

His words were warm, without any sense of distance.

Soon, I arrived at the community that I had agreed with my client. After thanking him, I got off and watched the car leave. Then I entered the community in front of me.

The project I'm working on is the decoration of a wedding room. The hostess is Deng ChuChu, a star of the 18th line. She demands a lot of money and likes to put on airs. What's more, there are many unrealistic fantasies in the wedding room.

It took me more than three hours to finish this haggard communication.

When I came out of the community, I saw Lu Qiaoyu's car, which was still at the place where I got off. The man was standing beside the car, leaning against the door, with a tablet computer in his hand, writing and drawing.

I ran to him and asked him, "you won't be here all the time, will you?"

I took a peek at the design of his tablet computer, and I had already drawn most of it. To this extent, even he had to do it for at least an hour and a half.

However, Lu Qiaoyu put away the tablet and said with a smile, "no, I just went to a construction site and waited for you when I came back."

"Lying." I debunk him in a playful tone.

Lu Qiaoyu didn't say anything. He just helped me open the car door and let me get on the bus. "I've been waiting for a while. Let's have a meal with me."

I didn't eat either. I was already hungry. As soon as he said, although I hesitated, I could only promise when I thought that he had been waiting for me so long.

Because it's more than 8 o'clock, many restaurants are off duty.

He took me to a Japanese restaurant.

When the dishes we ordered came up, I smelled the smell of the fish, and my stomach suddenly surged.

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