This is gynecology!

There are women all around.

On hearing this, everyone's eyes turned.

As soon as we saw that Jiang Qin was protecting me, we knew that Qin Jiameng was the little three.

Around the people around Qin Jiameng pointing, her face can not go up, angry left.

At the end of the farce, Jiang Qin and I did not answer, but found a coffee shop to sit down.

"A mocha."

"No way!"

I just said, but what I ordered was stopped by Jiang Qin.

Not only did she not allow me to drink coffee, but she did not allow me to drink iced drinks.

Finally, in a fit of anger, I ordered a cup of warm water with the disdain of the waiter.

When the water came up, I took a sip. Jiang Qin asked me, "what are you going to do? The child

Originally, I thought I would definitely say "yes".

But I hesitated again.

I looked at the surface of the water and said, "it's too sad for a marriage to be sustained by children." After a pause, I continued, "and I'm not sure he'll like our kids."

I bowed my head, not happy, but a little depressed.

Jiang Qin looked at me and said, "Oh, when you were born, I'll help you raise your elder sister. If you can't raise a man, you can still raise a child."

"That's a deal. Don't wait for me to be born, and you'll be in debt."

"No, I won't

Jiang Qin and I are actually making fun of each other.

Children need a father after all.

I had a bit of serious pregnancy and vomiting, and I heard that my child was very unstable in the first three months. I regretted it for a moment. Last month, in order to paralyze myself, I took over six projects.

But I had to go to Liu ang, director of the design department, to confess and ask if he could share his work with others.

As a result, as soon as I finished talking about my needs, Liu ang shook his head with a bitter face. "Xiaoqin, it's not that I embarrassed you. It's that the company recently changed its general manager. In order to earn performance, everyone took on a lot of jobs."

I know about changing the general manager of the company.

This general manager was hired by the former general manager at a high price, but recently, because of busy work and other things, I haven't met Mr. Lu.

I didn't embarrass Liu ang, so I went back to work alone and worked silently.

A lot of work, I can only choose to work overtime, and I don't know what time to add. I'm so sleepy that I just want to sleep on my desk

I didn't know how long I had slept. I woke up when someone patted me on the shoulder. Subconsciously, I said, "I'm sorry, I'm going to work."


As soon as I finished, I heard a man's smile in my ear.

Turning around, I found a man standing behind me

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