When I got back to the company by subway, I was already hungry. I went to the restaurant to make my favorite stewed meatballs and fish flavored shredded pork.

But when I took it, I found it tasteless and had no appetite at all.

Hungry, but no appetite.

I thought I was too tired and didn't care, so I reluctantly took a few mouthfuls of food and went back to the company and began to work.

I just worked overtime until 9 p.m., so I couldn't open my eyes.

The same situation has been going on. At the weekend, I slept until 10 o'clock, and when I woke up, Jiang Qin was at home.

When she saw me, she teased me, "I didn't expect that self-discipline maniacs would sleep in one day."

I laughed awkwardly, and I didn't understand why I was so sleepy recently.

I ordered instant noodles, but I didn't have much appetite. I just took two mouthfuls of them, leaving a lot of them.

When I went to the bathroom to pour the remaining noodles, Jiang Qin, who washed his hands inside, was even more surprised. "You, you are willing to waste food?"

I was just about to explain that my stomach was tumbling. I put down the bowl in my hand and threw up on the toilet.

But still nothing came out.

Jiang Qin looked at me, with a bit surprised, "Qin Jiaqi, you won't be pregnant?"

This time, I really valued it.

I started to look at the calendar. It's more than a week since my holiday

What's more, Ji Qingxuan and I did it twice before, but we didn't take any measures

Suddenly, I had a bad feeling in my heart.

I took Jiang Qin to accompany me to the hospital and hung up the gynecology department.

When the results of B-ultrasound came out, as expected, pregnant, 5 weeks +.

"How could that be..." Looking at the examination results in front of me, I felt very complicated.

Jiang Qin was different from me. She patted me on the shoulder and laughed, "yes, Qin Jiameng. They all say that with children, men's mood will be different."

I can't love you in my life. 】

looking at the results of the test sheet, Ji Qingxuan's words still reverberate in my ears. My mood is extremely complex and sour.

I don't know where to go.

"Qin Jiameng, it's really a narrow road."

When I lost my mind, Jiang Qin beside me called out the name of Qin Jiameng.

I looked up and saw Qin Jiameng standing in front of me, with a few test sheets in my hand.

Qin Jiameng saw me and said with a faint smile, "Jiaqi, you are here."

She didn't call me by name.

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