I followed, but I saw the manager hand a shopping card to the clerk and threatened, "this matter is under the pressure of Mr. Optimus. If you dare to talk too much, you don't want to hang out in Yancheng!"

She only said that when I wanted to leave evidence with my mobile phone, the manager went out.

I stopped her and asked about it.

The manager just glanced at me, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Then he left.

I always feel that this matter is Qin Jiameng's calculation, the purpose is to let me in Ji Qingxuan heart for the lower.

But I didn't expect that Ji Qingxuan turned a blind eye to everything and even helped her!

I'm not reconciled!

I rushed all the way to the building of Optimus group, I want to ask Ji Qingxuan, what do you think!

Qingtian group is a large enterprise. It requires a gate card to enter. I thought it was very difficult for me to enter, but I didn't expect that as soon as I got to the door, the front desk came up and called to me enthusiastically, "Madam President."