After that day, I didn't see Ji Qingxuan for nearly a month.

Life gradually restored calm, I put their work arrangements very busy, used to paralyze themselves, used to forget that they still have such a marriage.

Today, it's my payday. Jiang Qin yelled early in the morning that she would be invited to dinner.

In order not to let her wait, I work normally for the first time.

As a result, I just walked out of the office building, a man in a suit came over and said to me politely, "Hello, Miss Qin, I'm chief driver Ji. He asked me to pick you up."

At the official off-duty point, people around me look at me with strange eyes.

I was in a trance for a moment, "Mr. Ji? Ji Qingxuan

How did he come to pick me up?

The driver explained, "the chairman wants to see you, that is, Mr. Ji's grandfather."

Think of that phone call a month ago, my heart all kinds of resistance, I am afraid Ji Qingxuan insult me in front of his grandfather.

But I have to go.

But, I can only get on the bus with him.

He first took me to the star department store, and gave me a silver card, let me in to buy a suitable suit of clothes.

Although I don't want to take it, this star department store is the most high-end department store in Yancheng. Almost all world famous brands can be bought here.

But the price of the clothes inside, even if I swipe my credit card, may not be able to pay.

And the shopping here are generally celebrities and ladies, there are also stars.

I was dressed in a shabby business suit. As soon as I went in, all the shopping guides gave me a glance and then they didn't talk to me again.

I don't mind. After all, I'm not the one who can afford to spend here.

I walked around the mall and finally stopped at the door of a brand store in the corner, because I've heard of all the brands except this one.

So, I think the clothes in this store should be cheap.

At a glance, I fell in love with the model's beige dress, which is simple and elegant in design.

The more you look, the more satisfied you are. I can't help but plan to have a try.

To my surprise, the staff of this store had a good service attitude. Knowing that I wanted to try, they quickly took a size I asked for and invited me into the dressing room.

I changed my clothes and came out to stand in front of the mirror.

I have to say that this dress really suits me as I expected.

I decided to take the skirt and asked the clerk, "how much is it?"

The clerk replied respectfully, "two hundred thousand."

This number makes me take a breath of air conditioning.

Two hundred thousand

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