I was scared to grab Jiang Qin, and then apologized to Ji Qingxuan, "I'm sorry, my friend, she's drunk."

I don't know what I'm guilty of.

Jiang Qin drank too much, she pulled me, scolded, "Qin Jiaqi, you have a little backbone, no matter what, he is now your husband, have this!"

Ji Qingxuan ignored us and went on to the car.

But at this time, Qin Jiameng in her arms broke free and stood on the ground, tears in her eyes and said, "Jiaqi, I'm sorry, I'm leaving now."

She said that she was going to take a taxi at the intersection alone.

"If you want to go, it's not you." Ji Qingxuan said and pulled her back to her arms.

Jiang Qin scolded, "Qin Jiameng, don't play it. Who doesn't know your character! When Qin Jiaqi used to work, how many shady things did you do behind your back? Others don't know. I know who you are! "

"Forget it, sister Jiang." I want to go with Jiang Qin.

Jiang Qin scolded Qin Jiameng reluctantly, "don't counselle, you didn't see Qin Jiameng, the green tea whore, seducing your husband. Now you let them go, they will go to bed soon!"