Qin Jiameng certainly knows who my grandfather Ji is.

Her hand holding the brand shopping bag was slightly forced to squeeze out a smile, and she said, "is that right? Then congratulations. "

I don't want to get involved with her.

After checking out, I took back the card, left the shop and went to buy a pair of light colored high heels to accompany me.

I learned to be smart this time. I'll look at the price first and try again.

Afraid of the driver waiting, I quickly walked to the door after buying the shoes. As a result, as soon as I got to the door, the sensors on both sides made a "diddiddidi" sound.

Two security guards came over, stopped me directly, and said, "madam, you may have unmagnetized items."

At this time, the store manager also came over and asked to check the goods in my shopping bag.

I gave it to him naturally.

The manager said that after the magnetic stripe of clothes and shoes had been removed, I went through the sensor door again and still made a sound.