Seeing that I didn't speak, Ji Qingxuan's strength increased, as if to crush my chin. I hurt, but I bit my lips and didn't let myself make a sound.

Ji Qingxuan saw that I didn't speak, so he said, "Qin Jiaqi, tell me how you cheated the master of the Qin family and let her speak for you!"

The strength in men's hands has become greater, and my jaw has changed from pain to numbness.

Finally, he let go of my chin, big palm will hold my waist, directly to tear my clothes!

I was so angry that I finally yelled, "don't..."

Ji Qingxuan seems to be excited when he sees my voice. He raises his hand and presses a button. A black partition rises slowly between the front and rear seats of the car

With the partition fully raised, the back seat has become a closed space.

Ji Qingxuan regardless of my resistance, no foreplay, directly entered me.

I finally couldn't help crying out in pain.

But the man didn't stop.

Because of the small space in the back seat, he half knelt on the chair, looked down at me, and said, "you tried your best to ask Qin Ci to change your engagement for you, isn't that why?"

I suck in the cold air in pain, and I can't answer him at all.

Just want him to come out.

But the man didn't mean anything. He grabbed my hair with one hand and scolded, "what's the purity? Now regret it? I tell you, you calculate me, hurt little dream, should know, regret day is still behind it

He did it all the way.

When the car stopped, the man let off steam.

He sat on one side finishing his clothes, opened the door and said to me, "come out with your pants."

I collapsed, leaned on the back of the back seat, turned my head and recognized the door

Civil Affairs Bureau.

Does he really want to get the certificate with me?

But I was afraid, I waved my hands, "no, no, I don't get the license, I'll go and talk to grandma."

I'm really afraid. I'm afraid that he will die in his hands. Just now we were doing what husband and wife should do, but he only looked at me with hate.

This hate is worse than the night of the wedding!

But he didn't give me room at all. He pulled me out of the car and sneered, "what did you take our family as? Can you change it? "

I'm not well dressed. If I go out like this, I'm sure to be laughed at.

I can only compromise, plead, "I lead, I lead, you let me get dressed!"

Ji Qingxuan had heard of it before he let go.

I put on my clothes in the car and straightened my hair before I got off.

With him in the Civil Affairs Bureau.

The hall of the Civil Affairs Bureau was empty, and there was no one.

On the desk at the door, Ji Qingxuan took out a stack of documents and said, "signed."

His tone was command, not consultation.

I want to turn over the content, but he stopped, "Qin Jiaqi, you make it clear, not that I want to marry you, but that you are in a hurry to marry me, you can only accept."

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