Seeing that I didn't speak, Ji Qingxuan's strength increased, as if to crush my chin. I hurt, but I bit my lips and didn't let myself make a sound.

Ji Qingxuan saw that I didn't speak, so he said, "Qin Jiaqi, tell me how you cheated the master of the Qin family and let her speak for you!"

The strength in men's hands has become greater, and my jaw has changed from pain to numbness.

Finally, he let go of my chin, big palm will hold my waist, directly to tear my clothes!

I was so angry that I finally yelled, "don't..."

Ji Qingxuan seems to be excited when he sees my voice. He raises his hand and presses a button. A black partition rises slowly between the front and rear seats of the car

With the partition fully raised, the back seat has become a closed space.

Ji Qingxuan regardless of my resistance, no foreplay, directly entered me.

I finally couldn't help crying out in pain.

But the man didn't stop.

Because of the small space in the back seat, he half knelt on the chair, looked down at me, and said, "you tried your best to ask Qin Ci to change your engagement for you, isn't that why?"

I suck in the cold air in pain, and I can't answer him at all.