Ji Qingxuan listened to the words of the staff, said bluntly, "we just choose a bad day to come."

The staff showed a strange expression and looked at me. Without saying more, they did it for us.

When I went out of the Civil Affairs Bureau with Ji Qingxuan and the red notebook, the man suddenly turned his head and said in an extremely indifferent tone, "Qin Jiaqi, since you've tried your best to marry me, I won't let you down."

He bit the word disappointment very hard.

It's dog days, but I have goose bumps.

I just want to explain that Ji Qingxuan's driver came from a distance, holding a bottle of water and a small medicine box.

Ji Qingxuan a color, the driver handed me the water and the medicine box.

I took the medicine box and looked at the scientific name above. I was still a little confused, but when I saw the small words below, I felt very nervous.

It says, 24-hour emergency contraceptives.

I didn't say anything. I took the medicine.

Ji Qingxuan looked at me taking medicine and said coldly, "I will watch you drink medicine in the future, so you don't expect to be pregnant with a wild seed at that time, and then rely on me!"

The man said, throw a key to me, get on the car and go.

I stood in the same place, looking at the car gradually disappeared in the field of vision, in the heart of all kinds of bitterness.

Thinking of the most important wedding in my life, I went in the name of my sister. Now I really got the certificate with Ji Qingxuan, but I was treated like an enemy by men.

I squatted in the corner of the flower bed at the door, biting my lips for a long time.

Just got up and went on working.

Life goes on.


in the evening, instead of going back to the wedding room, I went back to Jiang Qin's house.

Jiang Qin happens to be at home.

Seeing that I was not in a high mood, she pulled me to ask.

After her repeated questioning, I finally told the truth.

She had heard that, holding her chin in one hand, she muttered, "you grandmother, is it for you or for you?"

"She's good for me."

I'm sure.

I believe that even if everyone is not good for me, she must be good for me.

She thinks Ji Qingxuan is good, so she wants me to marry him.

Jiang Qin nodded, put his arms around my shoulder and said, "OK, after all, today is your wedding day. Let's go. I'll take you to eat some good food."

Although I am reluctant to spend money, I can't beat her.

Finally, we chose a middle-class hot pot shop.

Not many people eat hot pot in dog days. When we went in, there were only a few people in the shop.

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