After hearing this, Qin Zhaomin was still reluctant. "It's well known that Qin Jiaqi is uneducated. If she marries her husband, she will only disgrace the Qin family." Finally, he added, "I will never agree with such a ridiculous thing!"

Yes, it's really ridiculous. After all the weddings are held, if the bride is changed, will the Ji family and the Qin family become the laughingstock of Yancheng people?

I said what I thought.

Fan Yu was also cold to me before, which will give a good face, "or Jia Qi sensible."

Qin CI didn't want to see me either, so he said to me, "Xiao Qi, go and see if ah Qiu was hurt just now."

I know. She's pushing me away.

When I hesitated, Aunt Chen came and invited me to the servants' room.

The servant's room is not far from the living room. Although I went in, I still leaned on the door to listen. I heard Qin CI say that only my 4% shares get millions of dividends every year.

But I've never seen it.

If they don't agree, they will spit out all the dividends in the past three years, and they won't be able to share the dividends in the future.

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