Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 24 Tale of First Day Back

Artemis’s point of view

Artemis woke up the next day horrified, not because something happened to Perseus, but because somehow or another, she had found herself in his arm and her head on his chest. She even had her leg swung across of him, and she had no recollection of that ever happening! She knew she tried to shut him off last night, but they were in a different position. She couldn't let him know, or he'd laugh at her for eternity.

Artemis quickly collect her leg and my right arm, but her left was stuck under Perseus. She kept pulling it out, but he was just too heavy. How did it even get there in the first place?

"Artemis stop moving. I'm trying to sleep here." He tightened his hold around her, pressing her against his body. This is so wrong. As much as she hated his warm body, she also loved it. It was just too hot with the blanket on, but she still loved the warmth he was radiating, and that sea breeze scent of his. It was enough to make her melt. She had dared hope to be in his arms like this, perhaps just to experience what it felt like.

Artemis felt a sudden touch on her forehead as she averted her eyes upwards, only to find his lips against it.

"Huh how come there's something up here?" He moved his hand to touch her cheek, "what the heck with this skin?"

He kept moving his hands, and it was REALLY making her feel... feel good. She ached her back lightly at his touches against her skin, but accidentally let out a moan. He immediately opened his eyes. His sea green eyes staring right at hers, at their situation, she couldn't help but blushed furiously.

"I thought someone wanted to make a barrier?" He smirked at her and she looked away from him shyly.

"I...I umm..." she found herself unable to explain, but he used his hand and turned her face to face him.

"You like this don't you?" He grinned at her, making her even more flushed. "You're just too proud to admit it."

She was about to say maybe, but something kicked in that it pulled her out from his dreamy stare and warmth.

"No I'm not" she yelled and kicked him off the bed. She heard a thud on the ground following a painful groan from him. She came to remember his wound and about to check on him, but considering he'd just humiliated her made Artemis wanted to rip his head off more than any.

"Ouch relax Stubborn Moody Goddess" Perseus slowly sat up. "I was just trying to lighten the mood in the morning."

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himself, not a word was heard. Annabeth would occasionally start a small conversation, but that was all for the morning.

meal ended which Perseus cleaned the dishes, Hunters and Artemis gathered around the dining table.

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