Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 23 Tale in The Silver Tent

Artemis’s point of view

She brought him into her tent, his heavy body leaned on her made her shrunk. She could've teleported him, but considering his wounds, that would take risk.

She gently set him on the sofa only to notice him smirking at her.

"What's so funny?" she scowled.

"Who'd have thought lady Artemis would be struggling to carry a male into her tent."

That sentence sent her places. Part it embarrassed her, and when she was embarrassed, she would get angry to hide it.

"So you want to sleep outside on the snow then?" Artemis crossed her arms as Percy widened his eyes.

"That's right boy!" She smirked. "You better close the mouth."

She made her way to the closet, his words kept repeating in her mind 'Who'd have thought lady Artemis would be struggling to carry a male into her tent' When she declared that to her hunters, she didn't actually think deep about it. It went against all her moral, rules, self discipline and principles. Yet, she still did that for him. To provide him protection and most of all, she didn't want him to leave.  Since the time he returned to camp, which wasn't much long but not a moment she wanted to be away from him. She would rush in and out, just to be by his sides. Even though her brain told her to leave him be and mind your business cause he's worthless of her cares. But her heart kept going the other way, it overwhelmed all her conscious mind, her muscles, nervous system.

But there was a realisation, she had brought a male to sleep with her. Part of her wanted to kick him out, or just to stick her dagger in his chest. Never in her life she had been this much close to someone, and at the thought of spending the majority of her time with him with herself liking it. Now with the realisation, it irritated her.

She threw the blanket and pillows on the brown carpet. Percy stared at it for awhile, grimacing.

"Uh am I sleeping there?" He asked.

"No on my bed" she rolled her eyes at his stupidity with her sarcasm.

He closed his mouth and stood there as Artemis climbed on her bed. She stretched a little and pulled a blanket up her neck. Her gaze turned to him and turned ice cold, her silver eyes looked like metal.

"Do anything stupid and you'll see what happen."

He was about to say before her but her words shuttered him.

Artemis was about to turned the lamp off when she noticed him still standing there. Her anger risen a bit as she scowled.

"Why are you still standing there?"

"Uh you said I could sleep on your bed so I'm waiting for you to sleep on the floor." He replied to a stone cold faced Artemis.

Her mind swirled. Just how stupid could he get she said to herself. She swept her face of that blankness and sigh.

"Don't you know what is sarcasm you idiot!" she ranted. "You. Will. Sleep. On. That. Floor over THERE!"

She pointed directly to the blanket and pillows she threw down few minutes ago that were few feet away from her. Percy looked at it than shrugged.

"You could've just told me." He said.

"Just shut up and go to sleep already" Artemis groaned as she turned off the light and drifted off.

the room sent her too a deep sleep, the breeze outside howling, clashing against her tent somehow made her

heard a groan.

she did turn and out of the blackness of the room, she

turned on the light and the first thing she saw was Ichor. Everywhere that wetted the carpet.

as Percy was clenching his teeth while the wounds kept gusting our blood. Her mind went

Chaos!" She screamed in panic as Percy slowly turned to her.

wounds." He managed through the

the wounds to keep it from opening more. The contact made Percy winced and stiff.

was clotted yellow as she

"I'll get some bandages"

"Hu-hurry" Percy said.

that Artemis disappeared.

there was any leak. Percy kept quite the entire time and he just kept looking at her while

as the pain was ranging

carefully averted her eyes from his chest or she would be

put the shirt

the blood cloaked

happened?" A gentle voice, so soft

guising pain around my waist and the next minute blood was gushing

as she gently turned his head to the sides with her finger to check for any

ok?" She asked. "Any pain

smile. "Should return to sleep now. You have

the floor and threw it on the sofa at the far end of the tent. Artemis at the moment out of

said. "It's more comfortable and I don't want the wounds

you" he

question struck her like lightning bolt. No way she would en sleeping on the sofa. Besides she had never given her bed to anyone, not even her mother. She tried

is king size" she said to him. "Besides the floor is wetted with your blood also I


told him. "I won't leave this tent to you

he made his steps

She walked to the coffin and pulled out some pillows. She threw them on the bad, making a long line of

will be sleeping on the other side." She told him. "Cross the zone

and pulled blanket

made her way to the other half and settled on. The thought of immediate sleep was impossible. It was the first time she was sleeping on the same bed with someone, and the first had to be a male. She could feel his

you hate me?"

words caught her.

how she felt for him. It was even a secret that she wanted to know more than anyone. Did she actually like him. "But

She was confident to say it first, but ever since she discovered that feeling, even a tiny bit of it made the word brother now turned salty to speak. She knew they would never form, they relationship that she hated most where it ranged within her family. The incest that

decrease the chores?" He made another

Perseus" she told him. "You'll return to them

considered your hunters drove me into this situation" he said. "They should

outside then" she said. "Cause that's what

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