Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 25 Tale of Interests

Artemis’s point of view

The first sound of the birds came into Artemis's ears the next morning. She still felt his arm around her waist, that warmth and muscular body against her back.

She recollected what happened yesterday. It was a moment when she'd notice the step she made, that had changed them perhaps forever. She'd allowed him, more open with him and she had realised she couldn't be anywhere without him.

A groan came from Perseus as she turned around only to have her nose touched by his.

"Good morning Artemis!" He said in his sleepy state, an idiotic grin.

"Look who's awake" Artemis said in a sarcastic voice. "What's made the sleepy prince to wake so early today?"

"Uh....Because my right arm numb?" He responded, looking down at his arm that was being crushed under her weight.

She rolled away from him as he collected the arm.

"What happened last night?" He asked.

"None of your concern" she replied coldly, making her way to the closet.

"At least it had you shaking like a rabbit" he smirked only to make Artemis turned her head to him. Her face gave out that murderous look.

"I wasn't shaking you moron!" she yelled at him. "It was the blanket that itched me. So I had to scratch myself, thus the bed shook"

"And I thought you goddess scared of the dark" he laughed out at her. "But you have to admit that you like my warmth"

"And why would I have to admit it?" she crossed her arms.

"Because...." He paused for a moment trying to think of something. Artemis just shook her head at his stupidity. He always tried to win her in something, even though he knew he would lose eventually.

"Because you won't be able to sleep without me hugging you" he pointed his finger up."

"Oh really." Artemis raised her brows as she leaned closer. "How about we test it out tonight by you sleeping outside then?"

"How about not trying it out?" Perseus said.

"So shut up and get out for me to change before I forcefully kick you out with my arrows." Artemis grumbled as Perseus couldn't do anything more but listened.

They were late for breakfast again, and Artemis would just blame everything on Perseus. He would frown and protested, but since Artemis was in the favour of the hunters, his words were never considered.

He served them well and as usual, they dug into the food like there was no tomorrow. Artemis missed the taste of it, the sweet, salty and sour. She missed everything he cooked.

Occasionally she would glance at him, only to see him messing around with the young hunters. They played and threw breads around sometimes. The breakfast form well with laughter filling up the pavilion. Artemis smiled at his return had changed everything.

Most of the time, she kept recounted in her mind every time they spent together. Their relationship had turned intimated. It was much more closer than an actual brother and sister, even though they argued almost 24/7. But about the sleeping and accidental kisses, her cheeks fluttered as the memories came back.

out of the camp after breakfast, fleeing for the sanctuary of the woods for some fresh air—and to study the light and colors. She brought her bow and arrows for hunting, along with the wolfsbanes jar that Zoë had given her. She was careful not to let Perseus notice it, and

an hour before she felt a presence behind her—coming ever closer, sending the animals running for cover. Artemis smiled to herself as she snapped her

rustled—hardly more than a breeze's passing, but she knew what

echoed across the lands, scattering

and walked into the little clearing, she merely crossed her arms and looked up at the werewolf, dangling by his

smiled lazily at her

you get for

along the silken raven hair dangling just above her face, admiring the many colors within it— the lie of dark blue of ocean, dark purple to galaxy and mysteries. Her heart thundered, and she knew he could probably hear it. But he

in a smooth, powerful motion and swiped with a single claw at the creeping vine she'd used for rope. The was about to shout that his wound hadn't heal, but he flipped over and landed smoothly on

reopen wouldn't

brows that annoyed her. Yet his grin

and walked

just trying to lighten the mood"

her, just few yards away was a wild deer enjoying its meal from the green grass by the stream. It didn't

are you doing" the idiot came up from behind.

you idiot!" She whispered out loud

frowned at her and rubbed the spot her hand landed until his eyes followed her gaze and realised

"Artemis is that..."

it's a deer No Brain" Artemis

He turned to her. "I mean

to hit it, but with

miss" he said without

archery and yet this moron came along and dared

stopped at that point. No way the deer would leave today. Her fingers were loosing at


sky, into the halls of leaves that sent birds wild. The deer looked up only to face to face with Artemis. It took its run and Artemis could've notched another arrow, but she was busy

idiot complained

say, she just gripped her bow, her knuckles turned white with her back coldly

smirked. "I told you so" he grinned. "It was too far and you're not

to do


her hand as

"Uh....did I do...something wrong?"

said, as calmly as she could. "EXCEPT YOUR BLOODY

words. "Hey just because you missed the

and tried her best not to lung at him.

talk this out" he stammered. "Perhaps I can hunt you

She yelled. "You can't even get into a right position! How

could try"

bastard lucky had a quick reaction as he dodged just

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