Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2303: Had to look at the master before hitting a dog

"Miss Nie, I'm very sorry, but this isn't a place someone with your status can enter casually. I think you should first determine the kind of status required to attend an occasion like this."

However, the girl stayed put in her spot and treated the female servant as air, completely disinclined to respond.

The female servant sternly said, "Miss Nie, I know you're the second miss of Yun City's Nie family, but this isn't a typical banquet. This is a banquet for the Arbitration Council's higher-ups. Normal people are absolutely prohibited from attending!"

"If you're looking for someone, please wait outside until the banquet concludes! If you disturb any of the guests, I'm afraid even the entire Nie family couldn't handle the consequences!"

The female servant called a security guard over with a wave of her hand as she said, "Please leave immediately, Miss Nie. Otherwise, I have no choice but to have someone escort you out."

However, an unbelievable scene occurred in the next second. The girl suddenly frowned and lifted her right arm. Before the female servant could react, a ruthless slap landed on her face.


The crisp sound attracted everyone's attention.

Qin Xiyuan's expression changed instantly. This stray slapped my servant?

Qin Xiyuan's smile deepened. Ye Wanwan truly was a wild girl who had never seen the world, and ignorant people were fearless. Compensation for her slap would probably have to come from the entire Nie family!