Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2304: Personal appearance

Soon, a person walked forward with a wine glass in hand. He greeted the president with a light chuckle: "President, long time no see."

The speaker was Vice President Qin. Vice President Qin himself didn't expect President Yi to make a personal appearance at this banquet.

"Hello, President."

When Qin Xiyuan saw Yi Lingjun, she quickly walked up and greeted him.

"Mm." Yi Lingjun made a sound in response.

When Yi Lingjun saw Vice President Qin about to say something else, he interrupted with a smile, "I mainly came here today to announce and handle something, so please excuse me."

Vice President Qin nodded several times in succession. "You have to attend to numerous affairs every day, President, so please do as you need."

Yi Lingjun soon walked onto the stage, his eyes sweeping over the room.

The banquet hall turned quiet instantly without a decibel of noise.