Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2302: Stealing the limelight

The girl emitted a haughty aloofness from her bones, as though every living being was rejected from her world and nothing could enter her eyes.

This aloofness didn't originate from an indifferent personality. It was as though there wasn't a person or object that she didn't look down on...

Of course, this aura made people feel uncomfortable.

And Yin Yuerong had once seen Worriless Nie from Yun City. She couldn't possess this kind of aura...


"Sh*t! Ninth Brother! Quick! Look at the door! What's going on? Isn't that Ninth Sister?!" Lin Que's hand shuddered and half of his red wine spilled out.

Only then did human emotion enter Si Yehan's face, and he immediately turned to the entrance.

Next to them, Yu Shao also looked at the entrance in disbelief. "Eh... That's... that's Miss Nie? Are you sure, Lin Que?"