Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2269: Isn't this a matchmaking dinner??

Yu Shao said, "The formulation of new rules will be a great pioneering move that will change the Independent State's history. An achiever doesn't bother with trifles. This subordinate thinks that Miss Nie is responsible, experienced, flexible, and considerate, and isn't an unreasonable person. Furthermore, a great reason behind why you're doing this is for her, so if you discuss it with her appropriately, I'm sure Miss Nie will understand."

Lin Que was stupefied by what he heard. "Responsible, considerate, and reasonable? Why do you have such a frightening misunderstanding of that woman?"

Before Yu Shao could respond, Si Yehan spoke up. "Don't mention this method again."

Yu Shao began: "But, sir..."

"Perhaps she could understand it, but I can't do it," Si Yehan replied.

Since Si Yehan said that, it wasn't Yu Shao's place to say anything more.

Lin Que was at a loss for words as he listened to Si Yehan and Yu Shao's conversation.

Just who gave you the misconception that demoness would understand, huh???

Your thoughts were wrong from the start, alright?!