Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2268: Go to use the beautiful man plot?

The stewardess hesitantly said, Madam, you shouldn't act in your rage. After all, your only child is Young Master..."

"So what? Heh, this child is truly like his father. I shouldn't have birthed him back them..."

Seeing that her master was too emotional and wouldn't listen to reason, the stewardess had no choice but to stop providing any further advice.

While leaving, Yin Yuerong suddenly called out, "Hold on, punish that insolent servant!"

Her son wasn't someone that a servant could treat disrespectfully.

The stewardess quickly answered, "Yes."

Sigh, Madam was still protective in the end...

"Oh right, Madam, there's one more matter..." The stewardess seemed tentative.


a son for Young Master, and he's four or five years old already. That child is connected

disgust settled. "Put away your ridiculous thoughts. He's merely a b*stard; you delusionally think he should enter the

overstepped..." the


a mansion

Yehan reached his accommodations, he started

In the study:

to report: "Sir, Si Xia has been detained and his trial will be held after the

nodded and looked up from a tall stack

his head. "President Yi is

me immediately when he returns,"

to win President Yi's support. Yi Lingjun has a towering prestige in the Independent State, and he has pupils everywhere. In the Arbitration Council alone, 3 of the 12 directors

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