Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2270: My fiancée is there

At the table, Qin Zong and Si Yehan discussed some unimportant business matters. When he saw the atmosphere easing up, he purposefully led the topic to Qin Xiyuan.

"My Yuanyuan has been traveling everywhere and only returned to Tianshui City recently!" Qin Zong said.

Qin Xiyuan asked with apparent nonchalance, "Oh right, Mr. Si, since you're from Tianshui City, why do you still live in Yun City?"

Si Yehan's fingers gently tapped on the white porcelain cup. He calmly replied, "It's unimportant where I'm from. My fiancée is in Yun City."

Lin Que was curiously pressed against the door slit. When he heard this, respect rose in his heart. Ninth Brother was awesome.

As expected, the faint smile on Qin Xiyuan's face stiffened a few degrees before quickly returning to normal. She changed the topic. "Is that so? I just returned to Tianshui City, so I don't have a lot of close friends. I spend my days practicing martial arts and archery skills the most, but I also dabble in medicine."

"May I ask what your hobbies are, Mr. Si? Since Auntie Yin's medical skills are so impressive, I'm sure Mr. Si has surpassed her. When do you think you'll have time to study it together?"

The eavesdropping Lin Que clicked his tongue. She started dipping into hobbies and interests!

Si Yehan's expression remained unchanged. "I don't do anything special. I just help my son train in martial arts and archery and read with him."