Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 36 Healing

Ethia's POV 

I've put in so much work to be the moon goddess, I'm not going to let some teenager come in and take that away from me. 

How could I not see it? I tested her and let every horrible thing happen to her but her power wouldn't let up. I was so convinced she wasn't the one. 

Why is it up to the first family who becomes the god of wolves? I deserve it, I worked hard for it. 

Thomas barges in to the cabin, startling me. 

"She's still alive." Thomas, my last living warrior says. 

I turned to face him, eyes bulged out. 

"What do you mean she is still alive? I used the first sword to kill her. She is not immortal to that!" I say. 

"Well, it seems she is immortal to that sword, I swear to you, she is in fact alive. Wounded but alive." He says to me. 

"Then I have to finish her off!" I say and Thomas slowly approaches me. 

"How do you plan on doing that? If the first sword couldn't kill her, what will?" Thomas asked and I turned around, giving him my back so I can think. 

I had foolishly left the sword on the ground when I fled so I had no weapon that could finish her off. 

I had to see for myself if she was really alive but if she has come in to her powers then she can read my mind and see me coming a mile away. 

Although, I morphed in to Estelle before the fight and had Estelle morph in to me. Obviously Sabrina would never kill her nana, that's family. One doesn't simply just kill family. That was probably the smartest thing I couldve ever thought of. 

She has no idea that she killed her own grandmother and that I was still alive. I'm not easily killed, everyone should know that by now. I plan my moves and escapes. I'm sure right now they are searching for Estelle and not me but her scent is long gone by now. Her essence has left this life. 

I have to act fast before they realize that Estelle died, Hunter is a smart man and he will definitely put two and two together very soon. 

I turn around to face Thomas.

"I need to see for myself if she is still alive." I say. 

"Well, they are back at Red Creek pack. Sabrina has her guard wolves watching over her as she heals so it is a little impossible to go through them as they can detect you, even if you hide your scent." Thomas says to me. 

I didn't get those wolves when I ascended the throne! Where were they? Just because I don't have the first family blood running in my veins doesn't mean I'm not worthy of being the wolf god. I worked hard and people died so I could rule! 

"Then there's only one thing left to do." I say as a smile grows on my face. 

"And that is?" Thomas asks with his eyebrow raised. 

"We go to Red Creek and blend in. I'll become an omega, nobody pays attention to omegas and you will be the beta." I say and Thomas scoffs, shaking his head no. 

"I can't be the beta. Working closely with Xander will expose me. The beta is best friends with the alpha, there's no way he won't see that I'm an imposter!" Thomas says. 

What a baby. 

"I only need you for the day. Knock the beta out, morph in to him and find out how Sabrina survived. She should be dead, this goes against all the laws of life and death. How she survived is important so I make sure she doesn't survive my next attack." I say. 

Thomas nods his head, agreeing to my plan. It was just Thomas and I now, we were all we had as Sabrina killed everyone else. 

"If we leave now, it will be evening down there and everyone will be getting ready for bed while the omegas clean up after pack dinner. I'll start there, you go wait for the beta in his room and make sure you restrain him after you knock him out. You don't want him to raise alarm to the alpha." I say before disappearing off to Red Creek Pack. 


I arrive in the pack kitchens, there was only one omega in here. She was playing music while mopping the floor. I was behind her so she had not noticed me yet. A kettle whistled on my left, signaling that the water has boiled. The omega poured the hot water in to a teapot, which was on a golden tray. Next to the teapot was a teacup and saucer with a chamomile teabag inside the cup. 

I walk up to her, she quickly turns to face me, the kettle still in her hand. 

"Who is that for little one?" I ask. 

"I I I it's for... Uhm..." She stutters and I roll my eyes. 

"Speak!" I say growing impatient. 

"The tea is for the luna." She says before she throws the kettle filled with insanely hot water. The kettle hits me, the hot water spilling on me, causing me to hiss in pain. I maintain a straight posture, not flinching at all. The omega's eyes bulge out as I grab her by the neck. 

"You've got balls kid, but because you did that, I'm going to end you." I say and she starts kicking at me and I chuckle at her trying to free herself. 

"What is your name little one?" I ask as she's scratching at my hand that's wrapped around her neck. 

I let her go, tilting my head as she coughs, trying to get her breathing steady. 

"What is your name?" I ask again with my voice a little raised due to annoyance. 

"I'm...I'm Jamie." She says, wiping the tears that were falling from her eyes. I grab her by the neck again and this time, I snap it. Ending the girl's life instantly. 

I hide her in the pantry before morphing in to her. A piercing scream echoes throughout the entire pack house, waking everyone. People start walking out of their rooms to see what was happening.