Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 37 One Big Happy Family

"How do juggle being the moon goddess and this pack's luna?" I ask, sitting with my mother and Josey in my garden, on the lush green grass. 

"Well, you will have to put one over the other and it's not like you can just not be the moon goddess." Josey says. Mother shakes her head no in disagreement. 

"Your title as luna has no place in your life anymore. You are the moon goddess. So from being the alpha female of this pack, you csme to being the alpha female of the entire wolf population. Xander will have to run the pack without you, I'm afraid." Mother says with a stern face, looking straight at me. 

"He was doing well before I got here anyway. I just can't imagine being away from him. I just got my love story and now I have to go on saving the world." I say sadly. 

Josey hugs me from behind as my mother gently squeezes my hand. 

"Many people have to figure out what they're meant to do in this world, humans have to date a few frogs before they find their prince charming but you, your destiny was already written. Yes, Ethia tried to rewrite fate but that's the thing about fate, you can delay or prolong it but you can not change it. Your life's destiny was chosen for you and I understand you were ripped of the joy of figuring life out as a teenager and as a new mom, the Joy that love brings but you forget how much you survived to just be here. Xander stuck by you every step of the way and I'm mad impressed with that young alpha! He can take his beast and let you lead? We need more alpha's like him." My mother says and I smile at the mention of my man. 

My Xander. 

"So, how do I go about this?" I ask my mother. 

"You'll have to learn our ways. You will have to be trained on how to care for your wolves and choose the right mates for them. This will take some time but it needs to be done." Mother says and sigh loudly. 

"Are you saying I'm going back to school?" I ask with my voice raised. 

Mother gives me the eye and I look down sheepishly. 

"I'm sorry Sabrina but the way of the earth is not our way. You need to learn our way and prove yourself to the one's that will serve under you." My mother says. Josey perks up, confusion clear in her eyes. 

"Isn't it her birthright to be the moon goddess? What must she prove?" Josey asks. 

"If Ethia could challenge us and rule for a time, someone else will too. Gods have their own wars too and we can be greedy as humans or the very wolves on this earth. The only difference is, we are much stronger and gifted. Most wolves have to mate with a different kind, say witches to have a chance at having hybrid children. You, Sabrina, are the true goddess but if the gods are not happy with you, that will open up a lot of chances for the people who want to take you down and believe me, they will try." My mother says. 

Just when I thought I was done fighting. Just when I thought all I had to do was sit on some chair and watch little pups be born, put two wolves together and now I had to go prove myself, fight for what is rightfully mine and sleep with one eye open. 

Just great! 

"Well that's just great." I say in a whisper but I know all too well that Josey and mother heard me. 

"I know you've been through a lot but they won't care what the little earthlings put you through. That is a different world up there and I just want  you to walk in with your guard up." Mother says pulling me in for a hug. 

Josey joins us as we hug. 

"I just want to be with Xander. Can't I choose you as the goddess while I enjoy life for a little bit with Xander here?" I ask, making Josey and mother to burst in to fits of giggles. 


Hunter and Anthony join us as the two continue laughing at me. 

"You are the only one that can fulfill that role. I know you feel it inside of you. That need to protect everyone, the need to right the Wrongs and punish the wicked. That is the goddess in you." Hunter says to me. 

I know the feeling. The way I wanted to punish Max and his pack for what they put me through and the way they've been handling things, not abiding to the laws put in place for every wolf to live by. 

I am also deeply disappointed in Max. I thought I knew him but I was wrong. He was not the mate of an alpha couple so it makes sense he would run the pack with his emotions. Father of my child or not, he had to answer to his actions. 

Is he suffering enough after everything? I'm not convinced. Now, the big question is, if Max is not the true alpha of his pack, is Adrastos the true heir? Can he take on the role of alpha and rule the way an alpha should? 

I have to look at this as the moon goddess and not as his mother. With my bloodline, he will be the most feared alpha but if I have to live up there, he has to live there too. He is a part of the first family too and it is vital he learns the ways of that world too. 

Obviously Anthony will take after Hunter, then his children but if he does not have sons in future, Anthony would have to hand over the reigns to my son and if I don't have a girl, I can only hope Anthony will so I can pass down my gifts to her. 

This was giving me a headache and to top it all off, I have to go to some godly school to learn the ways I didn't even know existed. I have to play catch up when I've missed so many years. 

"One thing you won't have to worry about are your combat skills. You're a true fighter and your strength is incredible!" Anthony says to me  and I smile. 

Finally, something I'm good at. 

"Well that's a relief!" I say and Josey giggles. 

"You still need to brush up on a few things and learn some more skills to better protect yourself." Hunter says and Anthony rolls his eyes.