Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 35 Call Me Crazy

I have never seen anything like this. I mean I've been fighting before but my new family fought with such precision, their moves seeming effortless.  Hunter would fight using both his human side and wolf, shifting from one to the other without breaking a sweat. He was in tune with his wolf and Anthony was no different. 

He fought just like his father, shifting from wolf to human and back. Mother on the other hand fought with such grace. She stayed in human form, snapping necks but making it look effortless and moving gracefully as if she was dancing. 

Then there was me. 

I was just ripping heads off and covering my fur with blood. I was a huge red mess but I didn't care. 

Okay, after seeing how the others were fighting, I cared. I cared because clearly I was trained to be barbaric and a wild animal when at war but Hunter made it look like a dance of tricks. He wasn't even breaking a sweat and I was hoping from body to the other, which was taking energy. 

Lucky for me, I can heal and recharge right? 


It looked like every wolf was trying to get to me more than Hunter or Anthony. I hate having to kill them but their loyalty was to Ethia and I made a promise to myself that I will kill anyone that looks to harm me or my family. 

I made a promise to myself, to kill Ethia and anyone that stands in my way of getting to Ethia. 

Xander was fighting too. My Xander, fighting alongside my mother as they work together with X in his wolf form and mother staying human. It was actually calming to see them get along in this way. 

A big brown wolf bit my leg as I got distracted when Xander was tackled to the ground. The wolf bit his neck but my mother was able to kill the wolf before he could finish Xander off. 

I shifted back to human form, killing the wolf that attacked me before running to Xander's side , kneeling beside him and seeing blood coming out his neck. Xander was lying on the ground with his body not healing fast enough. 

When I'd try to heal X, a wolf would jump out to try and attack me. Mom could only fight off so many to cover me. 

Hunter and Anthony also tried to fight off the wolves but it seemed like when we killed two then ten would appear from out of nowhere and attack us. 

Xander was down and it seemed as if Ethia's warriors were multiplying. 

I had to end this, my mate was hurt and I won't be able to survive it if another wolf comes to finish the job. I stand up, covering Xander with the fire inside of me for protection. I have roots come out from the ground, stabbing through every wolf that came at me while I ran, approaching Ethia. 

Lightning strikes on each side with every step I take. I release a strong wind that tosses all the wolves out of my way, creating a clear path to get to Ethia. I start running to her but nana starts running to me. I have a root come out and pierce through her legs and bring her body to the ground. 

It was me and Ethia now. 

I looked into her eyes as she took a few steps back from me, fear radiating off of her in waves, only to bump in to my mother from behind. 

I raise my hand and use my telekinesis to pull her closer to me before punching her, she tumbles back to my mother and mother kicks her back my way. She tries to punch me but a root comes out from the ground, wrapping around her arm then on the other arm. A root pierces through her stomach, as I raise her up in the air and bring her down hard. 

She throws a ball of water at me, u raise my hand and it goes through my hand and in to my body with ease, releasing a bigger ball of water that goes flying and hitting her with such force, her body flies to the other side. I run to meet her on the other side, where I let my claws out, catching her by the neck, sinking my claws in. I pull her head from her body, tossing her dead body to the side as I turn to face her warriors with her head in my hands. Her warriors growl at me for killing their goddess. 


My nana screams holding on to her chest and I throw Ethia's head in her direction, watching it roll towards her. The warriors come running at me and I clap my hands and the warriors all go from wolf to ash. Leaving my grandmother, alone with us. 

I immediately run to Xander, to see Anthony kneeling beside X, covering Xander's neck with his hands and within seconds, he was healed. 

Anthony stands up and smiles at me.

"He'll be out for a bit but he's going to be fine." Anthony says. 

Mother and Hunter walk up to where Anthony and I were standing, by Xander. 

"You did well today kids. Sabrina, you haven't had training to fight like a first family member but you held your own. You have absolute control over your powers and it is amazing to see. You will make an amazing moon goddess." Hunter says to me, pulling me in for a hug. 

We pull away after a couple of seconds. 

It all happened so fast, my mother screaming, Xander yelling my name as he became conscious when the pain jolted him awake. 

I looked down and saw a sword pierced through my belly, it was like silver but it felt magical as I felt it being pulled out from behind me. Someone had stabbed me from behind and when I turned to see who it was, Nana went on to insert the sword in to my chest, stabbing my heart. 

Xander howled in pain as he felt it through the mark. I couldn't heal the wound in my stomach. Hunter pulled nana by his claws, shifting in to his wolf but nana disappeared before Hunter could kill him, leaving the sword on the ground. I could feel the blood seep out of me, as I placed my hands over my wounds. 

I dropped to my knees as Xander quickly got up to catch me but wasn't fast enough. My mother kneeling down to take a look at my wounds. 

"Heal Sabrina!" She kept shouting but I couldn't heal them. I looked at her, my eyes feeling droopy. 

"I..I I can't..." I said before coughing out blood, falling to ground. 

I could feel their emotions. The fear of losing me from Xander, the feeling of guilt from my mother and Hunter's anger. Anthony was frozen in place, his eyes locked on the sword on the ground.