Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 33 I Love You


We had decided to go on a safari trip so we could be one with nature. Shift at night in to our wolves and run around trying to turn a game drive in to a game run. 

To see a lion up close but to not try and scare the elephants. I wanted no problems with those giants. 

We arrived at the airport. I had asked my grandfather to have the jet ready for us so we didn't have to travel commercial. I wanted Xander to myself from the time we take off, to the time we get back. 


I got out of my car to see my nana. I had not seen this woman since my mother's burial. I asked her to stay away from me but here we are. I growled in annoyance. 

"Hello Sabrina. I think it is time we talked." She said to me and I rolled my eyes, closed my door and walked past her. I did not want drama, not today. I took out my phone to call my grandfather and ask him why he told this woman I'd be here. 

"He doesn't know that I'm here." She tells me and I stop walking. The weather takes a dark turn. The crystal clear blue skies go grey in a matter of seconds. 

I realized my nana was not here to try and fix things. 

"You killed Reginald." She says to me and I nod. 

Her wolf growls, not liking my quick answer. Xander walks up to stand by my side. 

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'I can handle her. You get on the plane.' I say to X. He reluctantly walks away, taking the last of our luggage to follow the cabin crew. 

Everyone had boarded the flight but me. I could see the two pilots in the cockpit. 

"What would you have done?" I ask her. She walks up to me and we stand eye to eye, our noses almost touching. 

"I wouldn't have killed someone's son." She tells me. 

"That son killed my mother while you watched and he brought an army that killed my warriors." I say, getting annoyed with my nana defending her lunatic of a son. 

"So an eye for an eye?" She asked me. 

"What are you getting at?" I ask, folding my arms for that added effect. 

"You killed my son." She says and I scoff . 

"The son that you abandoned? The very same son that wanted to use me as a breeding machine?" I ask her. 

Was this woman insane? 

"This was my chance to make things right. To finally get the chance to be with my son." Nana says. 

"He killed my mother before I had that chance to be with her." I say, 

"Now, your son was a mental case. There was no saving him." I say, walking away from her. 

A black Range Rover swerves up next to  us and my grandfather comes running out.