Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 32 Saying Goodbye

Sabrina's POV 

I could feel the energy in the room changing. It was intense and wanting.

I wanted Xander and he wanted me. Days and days of hunger for each other multiplied from seeing each other on earlier today. 

Now, here I was, on his bed in nothing but red lace. 

I raise my legs and bend them, widening my thighs slowly as I watch Xander watching my thighs move apart. I bite my lip at the thought of feeling his skin on mine. 

My left hand moves up to squeeze my left boob as my right hand moves to my core, rubbing myself over the lace. I bite my lip when I see Xander's eyes change color, his wolf fighting to come out. 

I want that animalistic sex tonight.

I widen my legs as my hands go back to my thighs. Moving them up and down my thighs, enjoying the feel of my own skin. My hands move to my side, moving up past my hips, slowly up past my boobs and my neck. My hands move over the sides of my face and I tangle my fingers in my hair, pulling at my hair roughly before I spread my legs out completely, almost in a split. 

Xander takes his sweats off and starts to stroke himself as he watches me. Which has me getting up and kneeling on the bed, watching him grow in his hand. I licked my lips as I watch him, thinking of all the ways he was going to take me. 

I got off his bed, 

"I want you to watch me take this off." I say to X. 

I took of the lingerie and threw it on the floor. Xander walked up to me and standing behind me, feeling his hardness on my back. He wraps his hand around my neck and pulls my head back, licking my neck, where his mark will be. 

A moan escapes my lips and I turn around, placing my open palms on his naked chest, pushing him roughly until his back hits the wall. He roughly switches positions with me and my back hits the wall before he pulls me in for a heated kiss. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around him, as he takes his long and thick rod, placing it at my entrance. 

He rams into me, my back hitting the wall. A loud moan comes out my mouth as he grunts sexily. 

He pulls out and rams back in, as he squeezes my ass. My back hitting the wall every time he rams in to me. 

"Xander!" I moan out his name every time he rams in to me. I can already feel my climax approaching. I tug at his hair which earn me growl. 

As if he could read my thoughts, he pulls out and sets me down, turning me around and pulling my ass out before he rams back inside me. 

He places my hands on the wall then placing his one hand on my waist and the other hand wrapped around my neck, pulling me to him. Me, on my tippy toes, moaning my heart out. 

He pulls out of me again, kneeling down in between my legs. He runs his tongue over my slit, earning a moan from me. He eats me out while I stand there, trying so hard to keep my balance. 

"Xander don't stop. I'm so close." I say, enjoying what he was doing to me. 

He plunges not one, not two but three fingers inside me and I lose it. I feel my whole body explode, Xander holding me steady as I ride his face, covering it with my juices. 

Before I could recover, he carries me to the bed, spreading my legs apart then ramming in to me, making me arch my back. I bite my lip to stifle a moan but he uses his finger to pull my bottom lip from my teeth, me, taking that moment to suck on his finger as he fucks me. 

I use my strength to switch positions, with me on top of him. 

"I want please you. I want to control the pleasure you feel. I want to know that I'm doing that." I say taking his finger back in to my mouth as I move up and down his shaft. He closes his eyes, hearing his sexiest grunt. 


"Look at me." I say and he opens his eyes. His hands roam all over my body before settling on my boobs, squeezing them. 

I move back and forth, feeling him so deep in side me as my head falls back. I use my body to spell out his name, riding out every letter, my eyes locked on his. My eyes change color to show Athena's presence, she lets out her power as she softly kisses his neck. Licking on the spot she wants to mark him, Making Xander groan and she bites his neck, marking him as ours forever. 

Xander let's out a sexy low grunt as my teeth pierce his skin and go deeper, his hand on the back of my head, pulling me deeper into him. Once satisfied he let's go and I pull my teeth out, licking the spot clean before he quickly grabs my waist and fucks me fast before we both explode. I scream out his name as he calls out my name. 

He holds on to me as we ride out our orgasms. I feel him getting harder again inside me and before I could react, he flips us over and I'm under him. He starts to fuck me, ferociously, spreading my legs up in the air. He goes faster and harder. 

I'm a mess quivering under him, his eyes locked on mine as he opens up to me. I can feel everything that he's feeling and right now, I was his everything. All the pleasure he's feeling doubles mine, bringing me closer to a great release. I've never felt anyone like this before. He puts down my legs  and licks my neck before plunging his teeth into me as he spills his seed inside me again, marking me. That brought on such intense pleasure, making my body shake. 

I pass out righ after.


'Wake up baby' Someone said in my head. I opened my eyes to see Xander looking at me. 

Our night together flashed through my mind and I smiled. I had given myself to love again. 

'I can hear your thoughts chosen mate.' Xander says and I giggle like a school girl. 

'I can't hear yours..' I say and in less than a second I could hear his. How he wanted to have me again. His hand started playing with my nipple as I felt those sparks that I've missed so much.