Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 31 Revenge part 2

Sabrina's POV 

"Hello uncle..." I say looking at Reginald. He was looking at me as if I grew two heads in front of him. He turns to alpha Neil, 

"You didn't tell me the new mate was Sabrina!" New uncle says to Neil. 

"Does it matter? You're a Male so that automatically makes you stronger and with that power of yours, how could she ever compete!?" Alpha Neil said to new uncle. 

Xander looked between me and new uncle. Probably trying to add things up. 

"He's my uncle. Killed my mother and now I'm going to kill him." I say right before I have a gust of wind on alpha Neil, lifting him up in the air and throwing him down, right by Xander's feet. 

"Now, you kill this one." I say and then slowly walk my way to Reginald. 

He releases his power, he seemed stronger but it could just be that I felt his power only once. Even if he was stronger, he was still no match for me. I  won't be toying around with him this time. 

I'm going straight for the kill.

I let my power out. All of it as Athena surfaces through my eyes. We were going to fight him together. 

I let my anger out, which changed the clear blue clouds to gray within seconds. The energy around us changed. My power was indeed overwhelming. 

You couldn't go about your life and ignore it. I could sense the fear coming at me in waves from the wolves around me. 

Xander wasted no time in toying with the alpha. He quickly shifted in to his wolf and mauled alpha Neil. The smell of blood filled our nostrils, fueling the pack with even more determination to avenge their alpha's mate. They ran, attacking alpha Neil's warriors without a second thought. Their loyalty touched me. The smell of blood fueled me as I started to run towards Reginald, he started to run towards me too, finally deciding to fight me. 

He was fast as he quickly got to me and threw the first punch. It threw me up in the air but before I fell on the ground, I shifted in to my wolf and landed on all four paws. 

So that was his super power. 


Athena was mad. A mad woman who wanted new uncle's blood. Thunder erupted in the skies, confirming my anger, making new uncle look up at the sky and then at me. The punch was painful but with Athena's anger, there was no room to dwell on the punch of the century. 

I started walking towards him, each step was followed by lightning and a loud thunderous sound. The skies got darker. 

He now knew that was definitely me. 

He ran at me again but this time, I was ready for him. He shifted before he got to me and jumped at me, trying to bite my neck but I quickly shifted back, resting on my one knee so I could stretch my arms from under him and hold his big wolfy mouth apart. 

His wolf saliva falling on me and dripping down my body. It was honestly disgusting but my need for revenge surpassed any and all feelings.

With my strength, I forced him on the ground, still keeping his mouth open and apart. 

I stretched it further as he shook his body, trying to free himself from me.

My claws came out, allowing me a better grip on him as I stretched him even further until I heard a crack and then a snap. 

I had split his head in half, his blood spilling all over my naked form. His body lying limp on the ground, lifeless. I looked up at Xander to see him, in his human form, covered in blood from head to toe, with alpha Neil's heart in his right hand. 

He looked at me with so much adoration. I could feel the love just by looking in to his eyes. We were animals. This is who we were, fighters. 

Covered in blood, his hair sticking to his face. The blood still trickling down his body and his claws out, showing me his true self. A true lycan. 


It hit me that this was the moment I was waiting for. The affirmation that Xander was it for me and my son. Right there in his true self, his chest rising and falling as his wolf calms down from that high we get from a kill, was my Xander. 

We looked back at alpha Neil's pack warriors, who stopped fighting the minute Xander killed alpha Neil. The warriors shifted back to human form and walked towards Xander. He let out a warning growl and I immediately ran up to be by his side. He took my hand in his as we both faced the warriors that approached us. 

One by one, they stopped right in front of us and kneeled. They were accepting Xander as their new alpha, which meant that the dead alpha had no heirs or anyone with legal claim to the throne. 

Xander was their new alpha. 

Xander turned to me and pulled me closer. Our bodies touching as my eyes locked with his, there was something sexual about this. Being like this, in our victory, I wanted nothing more than to have Xander take me right here and now. It made me horny being this way with him in this very moment. 

He tangles his hand in my very wet and bloody hair, leans in and kisses me.