Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 34 One More Time


I looked around me, everyone looking at me different. 

'She's the new moon goddess?' 

'How is she so powerful?' 

'We shouldn't have turned our backs on her. If she's really the new moon goddess then she'll definitely make us pay for what we put her through.' 

I could hear voices but when I look around from where the sounds were coming from, the lips weren't moving. 

Oh goddess! 

I could hear their thoughts. I could look in to their minds without touching them. Panic started to rise inside me, I need to get away from everyone. 

Xander walked up to me but I took a few steps back. 

My heart was beating way too fast. My skin was burning. I felt like the first night I was going to shift for the first time and I didn't want to hurt Xander. 

I could feel Athena, feel her differently. We were one but we were also separate souls. It was like this new power drove us apart but brought us together to be stronger than ever. Athena had a mind of her own, she wasn't sitting in the back of my mind just minding her business. 

It was like she was in her own world. Her connection to all the wolves surrounding me took a new turn. We could feel their emotions, their needs. I could sense their uneasiness, some still hate me but my power was holding them back from challenging me. My power alone making them want to bow down to me. 

I look at Max. 

He's staring right back at me, his wolf wanting to calm me down but Athena wanting none of it.

We belonged to Xander. 


That snaps me out of my thoughts and I look back at X. He's still looking at me with his hands in his pockets. 

I walk up to him and hug him. He hugs me back and the tears fall down my face. I almost lost him, I almost lost the man that loves me truly. 

I start sobbing uncontrollably and his hold on me tightens. I was angry at my nana for thinking she could get away with killing the one I love. For thinking she could also harm my son. 

My anger wasn't helping Athena. All she wanted was to kill everyone that hurt us. With this new found power, I wanted them to pay but I had no idea how to get to the moon and start with that moon goddess. 

I was mad all over again. I was mad at Percy for being a complete idiot and toying with sacred law. It was written that he was to mate with me but he let earthly things get in the way of our oldest law. 

Sex was an intimate thing to be shared with a mate and he just slept with Ralyn. Then Max, sleeping with another when he was still mated to me. 

I'm angry that Max tried to hurt me by sleeping with someone else. I am angry he took on two mates and went unpunished! 

Xander pulled away from me. I could feel that his wolf was feeling uneasy being this close to me and my new anger wasn't helping. I stepped back from him as my body started to tremble. 

Athena was trembling too. The anger was all too much but it was waking up a soul deep inside me that wanted to punish everyone that disobeyed wolf law. 

The councilman that passed Max's new law. What are we? Humans? 

We don't change pack laws for selfish gains. They are in place for that very reason! The councilman need to explain to me why they went against everything they were taught, to allow Max to rule after all that he has done. 


The laws were simple.

Alpha blood will always rule. How is it the moon goddess allowed this? Why was it making me so angry? 

Why am I even thinking about this? 

One day here equals ten years up there. So the moon goddess had ample time to make sure laws are followed and to punish those that plan on disobeying. 

Just how much had she allowed to happen without this anger wrecking her insides? 

Was there a way to control it? 

'No.' A loud thunderous voice inside my head said. I had to hold my head from the rush of pain I felt when it spoke. 

The voice was angry. 

Angry about the way all these wolves lived life not honoring the laws that were put in place before they were even born, or thought of. 

The voice was angry that things were so out of place and left to such chaos where selfishness rules the heart of alphas. 

The moon goddess allowed this to happen. She let them run wild and yet the voice in my head says one cannot ignore the anger, the need to fix it all. 

Unless she wasn't the true goddess. 

My body started to really shake as a crazy rush of anger took over me and a loud roar came out, two black wolves appearing on each side of me. 

They were huge. Bigger than any alpha I've ever met. The anger that was radiating off of me, fueled them. I knew I had summoned them here by that roar alone. 

They growl, yes. Like all wolves, but this, was next level. Their power was intimidating, not to me but I could feel the atmosphere change the second the pack noticed their appearance. 

'Grandfather, I need you to take Adrastos home with you now. I will meet you there later.' I say and he nods his head. 

The words came out of my mouth like an order and my grandfather could not disobey. I immediately felt bad for commanding my grandfather around but that was quickly replaced by anger when I heard Max growl as my grandfather sped off with my son in his semi wrecked car.