Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 25 Make You Stay


Sabrina's POV 

It was time to face Xander. I had put it off for so long and he has been nothing but kind to me and I asked for his help. My guilt should not affect him. 

I walk up to his floor and knock on his office door. 


"Enter." He says in his alpha tone. He clearly has no idea it's me. 

I open the door and walk but immediately regret coming in. My neck throbs from where his imprint was as soon as I look in to his eyes. 

I stay strong and close the door. I walk towards him and sit on one of the chairs facing him. Yet again, only a table between us as if it was a line I've drawn that I knew I shouldn't cross. What lies after that line is pure bliss but at the cost of my sanity. 

"Hello Sabrina..." Xander says, breaking the silence as I tried to calm my nerves. I was feeling sort of shy around him, like I was some giddy 12year old with a crush. 

"Alpha." I say in a serious tone, which earns me a chuckle from the alpha himself. 

"Come on Sabrina. You don't have to be formal around me. Especially when it's just us." He says with a twinkle in hid eyes. 

Just us.

Yes he wasn't helping. 

"I know but I feel like I have to." I say to him. 

"I understand. You're still dealing with a lot and that is why I gave you your space and I still think you need more time to deal with all that has happened in your life." Xander says to me. 

He took the words right out of my mouth. That's what I wanted to tell him. 

"Look, I'm not going to beat around the Bush. I like you, I really do and my wolf has taken a liking to you too, hence the imprinting that took place when you challenged him. I want you and I will have you. May not be today or even tomorrow but I will make you mine." He says to me. 

A knock interrupts our honesty hour as a man that looks like Xander but the older version walks in. 

He doesn't even spare me a glance as he throws daggers at his son. 

"Son, I need a moment. It's urgent." The older man says. Xander nods then turns to me, 

"Sabrina, take all the time that you need. I understand." He says to me and I nod then run out of that office before I hear a crippling growl come out of that office. 

Something was up and Xander's older twin was definitely upset. I couldn't stay any longer to listen in as I had school to attend. 

I had finally gotten my money thanks to my tech genius of a brother. I was able to decorate the apartment how I wanted and shop some more, but the best thing about getting my money was buying myself a car.

Obviously not a Ferrari since I've got a baby. 

I walked up to my black Range Rover Velar. I loved this mean machine. I jumped in, put Rihanna on blast and made my way to school. 

I had thought Myrtle would be a friend but after my heat, she has kept her distance and that's fine. Loyalties are everything and I'm just new here. 

I made one friend though. I absolutely adore her as she knows how to make me smile. 

I parked my car and my door was yanked open. 

"Come out. I heard you've snapped back and I wanna be the judge of that young lady." Fiona, my new friend said. 

Being a werewolf comes with a few great advantages. Like when we exercise, our bodies build on muscle quicker. Our wolves also play a role in that. Their added strength pushes our human side to be stronger, leaner and so forth. The stronger the wolf, then the human side will seem fit. 


For males, it is in their muscles. That is why alpha males are generally larger than all the males in the pack. His wolf is the strongest, which helps him bulk up. For us females, we stay lean. Petite but with muscle definition. Werewolves don't come in different forms. Our active lifestyles, the every day training, running in our wolves and that extra fast metabolism, make for fit bodies. 

When I was in human school, the kids were different and everyone had a type. Body wise too. 

Here, your type is either status or attitude or strength. Some have bigger boobs but still, woman are just generally smaller. 

With my pregnancy, the wolf took it upon herself to accelerate the healing process while I exercised post partum. Animals take on mating season very seriously. Athena wants the alpha so she wants us to look good for the alpha come our next heat episode. 

I jumped out of my car and locked it. I was wearing a white spaghetti strap crop top and blue ripped high waisted boyfriend jeans. I paired my look with Adidas X Prada  superstar sneakers. I twirled around for Fiona as we both giggled. 

"I'm impressed girl! Where did the little man come from? There's no evidence." She says to me. We burst out laughing. 

Fiona is a beautiful girl. She has a tiny waist, very small which makes all of us green with envy. She's got her hair braided and up in a bun. She loves her skirts and dresses. You will never catch her in sneakers. 

Maybe only at training. 

We make our way inside to find Jade and her posse standing by my locker.

Just great.