Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 26 A Brand New Me


Xander and I had fast became friends. Yes, we both have feelings for each other. Him more than me if I had to compare but I won't rush in to anything. 

At the moment, I was no good for Xander if we were to get in to it. 

He hasn't been in a relationship since his mate died and that's understandable. No other girl can replace his mate, not even me. 


I also took the time to get to know the pack. After my fight with Jade and Myrtle, people feared me and I had to put their worries at ease. Having the alpha helped too. 

I went from being popular at school after people heard I was Xander's new girl, to unpopular thanks to Jade and then popular again thanks to my power. I was known. 

I was the girl with super alpha strength. There was even talk of the rise of female alphas. I had zero intentions on being an alpha but I was happy women were finding courage after feeling what I can do. 

It's strange how men think they are in control when all this time, it has been the moon goddess, a female god that gives us life. 

"What are you thinking about?" Xander asked walking in to my apartment. 

"Oh just old memories. What's up?" I asked him. He sat next to me on the couch but looked uncomfortable. 

"I need to tell you something. You're not going to like it." Xander says. 

"Tell me.." I say. 

"Max's application to change pack laws has been approved. The other day when I left to go to a council meeting, it was about that." Xander said. 

I just looked at Xander. What was he telling me? 

My son is not to be alpha anymore? It is his right! 

"The council called us in to sign the new decree. I was hoping you'd come with me to the meeting." Xander said and I chuckled. 

"What business do I have there? Other than wanting to kill Max for betraying his son, I have no reason to go." I say to him. 

"Actually, you do. I said if Max's new law is passed, then I'd like to take you in my pack and raise your son to be the next in line." Xander said. 

"What?" I asked him. Not in a rude way but more confused than anything. 

"Look Sabrina, I want you in my life. You, as my Luna. You come with a son and if you choose to be, I will raise him as my own." Xander says to me. His eyes holding so much adoration and love. 

"You don't have to do that. I will challenge Max for the alpha position. I didn't want to at first but now that he's hit an all new low, he leaves me no choice. Green Forrest Pack belongs to my son and he will have it." I say with determination. 

I never wanted to humiliate Max in front of his pack by challenging him. He was the alpha and I was his Luna. His support. 

I was never going to challenge him. He was the one who would make all the decisions and I would've stood by him. If he was ever challenged, I'd let him fight his battles as a man. I would've been the dutiful wife. 

I loved him!

I gave that man everything and he's taking more. That greedy fucker!