I was tired, bruised and in pain. Barely got any sleep and my body was about to give up on me. Josey and Cj looked about the same too.

It's been 9 years in training and we were ready to give up. We haven't even seen my mom or nana since we got here. Hell, we haven't even met the moon goddess herself. We were tortured and battered daily without fail. Fighting experienced wolves who showed no mercy but I learned some new cuss words along the way after I felt like the ones I was using had little effect

"Do you think they'll actually let us sleep in this time so our wolves can get to healing us?" Josey asks between me and Cj. Cj shrugs not wanting to give false hope to Josey.


"They've been pushing us to fight in our human form Josey. So I doubt they'd want us to go back to relying on our wolves.." I say feeling all sorts of depressed. I haven't shifted in years and I feel like I'm losing Athena. They won't let us shift.

Apparently your wolves are too strong for your bodies and you need to build the strength to be one with the wolf. I don't know why I'm not allowed to shift." Cj says to us. "Granted, I feel stronger now in my human form and I'm sure I can take on a rogue like this but I need to shift soon. My wolf is on edge." He says.

"I just miss Athena. I can deal with the pain if I could just feel her, talk to her, you know..? She's disappeared to the back of my mind. It's like she's not even with me anymore." I say to my siblings.

"Yeah I feel different. My wolf has been nagging me to shift. Sometimes he tries to take control when I'm feeling weak. It's really weird not shifting, I don't know how much longer I can fight my wolf" Cj chimes in..

Cj was right. We were stronger and faster in our human form. We had relied on our wolf so much but we were trained to mostly fight in our wolf form.

A white wolf approaches us..reminding me of my wolf... oh how I miss Athena.

"Hello my children.. you all have done well. I know it's been hard on you and that's why today and for rest of the time that you are here, you will be in wolf form. It is time to let your wolf take control. SHIFT!" She said and we all felt that command. All of a sudden we were shifting without even trying. It was like an out of body experience, I was not in control of my own body so I let go and finally Athena showed herself.

She's happy to come out and I let her have all the power. My eyes turn dark, no hint of purple. Athena is back bitches! 

"It is time to unlock the powers I have gifted you my wolves. You know what to do. Cj, your wolf will have different training. Follow the path that leads to the stream, there you will be trained according to your wolf's strengths and weaknesses." She says to him and he walks away.

Then she looks at us and nods her wolfy head at us. "It is time. If you thought the powerful aura your wolf's had was powerful, just you wait. Welcome the new power, let it run through your veins. Let it become you" she says to us.

Within seconds I feel a rush go through me. My whole body was an energy ball ready to explode. I felt alive so alive but it was too much. Athena was in control but its like the power was taking over me too. It was all getting intense, I was starting to feel overwhelmed. It was like electric currents moving through my veins. I could feel it around my heart, my brain was getting fried. All my childhood memories came back to me.

All that I have forgotten. My mother singing to me. My mom telling me she's going to leave us soon but that we would meet again. As soon as they came they left and it all stopped. I looked up to see a woman standing next to the wolf, a very beautiful woman.

"Hello Sabrina. It is nice to finally meet you." The lady says to me. "I am luna, the moon goddess." She says and Athena bows her head in respect.

She walks over to us and kneels in front of us, "That is not necessary. We are family and I've been waiting for this day for some time now. Shift" she says to Athena who wasn't too happy about that command. I shift back fully healed with no scratch on my body. On the ground is Josey who seemed to have lost consciousness.


"Tell me Sabrina, do you not wonder why a day on earth is 10years here?" Luna asks me.

"I did wonder but I couldn't ask anyone here." I say back to her and then look at Josey on the ground, " Is she going to be okay?" I ask the moon goddess.

"I have too many wolves to take care of. They all need my guidance, they all need me and I need the years to be able to attend to each and every wolf." She says to me. She then walks over to Josey  and the wolf licks Joseys wounds and they heal.

"About Josey, she will be ok. The power surge must've drained her. She isn't as strong as you it seems. Although it makes sense, her only power is element manipulation but only of water. We thought she had the power of telepathy but it seems she can only share her memories and not read minds. Water on the other hand, is a great power, one which I bestowed upon her." She says looking down at Josey.

She looks up at me as she walks closer to me, "You however, are much too powerful. I have never seen anything like it before me. Do you want to know what you can do?" She says and I nod my head at her. She had me at superpowers.

"You can control all the elements. Wind, earth, fire and water. You were also gifted the power of telepathy. It's a funny one that one since wolves can mindlink, but you my dear can control the mind. Your last final power,is telekinesis. My advisors say those are not your only powers and that the purple eyes are of a special power but we know nothing of it." She says to me as she puts a strand of hair behind my ear.

"When one is gifted multiple powers sometimes another power forms so the powers can all work well together. Although we are not sure what other power you possess, we are sure it is to aid you. You are the only one that can unleash it." She says to me. She turns around and starts to walk away.

"Your sister will wake up any minute now. It is time to train your powers. NOW SHIFT!" She commands and as my bones crack and move around, she disappears into thin air.

I nudge Josey and she stirs. She opens her eyes to look at me, probably confused and then she gets up way to fast to fall on her side. Her wolf, Zena, takes control and stands up gracefully.

As soon as she's up, a woman comes up to us and we knew it was time to begin training. I need a holiday.


Maximus POV 

After Sabrina disappeared we all went back to our rooms to freshen up and said we would meet in the office again in 30 minutes.

I was in my bathroom taking a shower when I decided to think about Sabrina. Her beauty, how beautiful she looks when she's sleeping or lost in thought. My thoughts change when I think of her body and how toned she is. How her breasts are just perfect, not too small and not too big. How sometimes when we would train together and her tights fit perfectly. All the blood rushed to my soldier and it throbbed.

This was becoming a habit, me getting myself off thinking about Sabrina. I know I could wait however long she wanted until she was ready but it doesn't change the fact that I craved her and this was my only release. I started to stroke my member so lost in thought until I heard my shower door open and in walk Elise, naked.

I let go of my hardness and run my hand through my hair. This girl just won't give up. I catch her staring at it and I chuckle. She looks up at me and smiles.

"Is that for me?" She asks coyly. As if but her standing in my shower naked is not helping. I haven't touched another female in over a year.

"It could've been if you had stayed loyal." I say back to her. I stalk over to her, "What do you want Elise?" I  say looking down at her.


"I want you" she says to me then grabs my hard member in her hand and strokes it.. I put my hand on hers to stop her from making me lose all my self control. With my other hand, I turn off the water and push her out. I grab a towel and dry myself then I throw it at her. I walk out of my bathroom to go into my closet to get dressed and she follows me.

"Why are you fighting it? You know you want me" she says blocking my way in to the closet.

"Elise, the only woman I want is Sabrina. You be sure to remember that. I'm nothing like you, when I'm with someone, I stay faithful." I spat out and walked past her to grab my briefs and put them on. I then grab some clothes and quickly put them on before she gets any more ideas.


"I am your mate! You are mine! Why fight this?" She screams after me wrapped in a towel as I walk out of my room and down the stairs.

"You rejected me mate. I got over you and For crying out loud Elise, put some damn clothes on" I say to her annoyed she's still in my towel.

"Why? Am I turning you on?" She asks with a smirk on her face.

"No. Every time I see you naked, images of you with my cousins flash through my mind. I'll never unsee it Elise and that's why I will never take you back. Get it through your thick skull, we are over!" I say to her then turn around to walk to Damon's room. I knock three times to alert him that it's me. He opens the door and walks out to see me with Elise.. he raises an eyebrow at me. I turn to look at Elise.

"Elise, you are hereby banished from my floor, this pack house and the dining hall. You are to eat in the kitchen at meal times until your visit to Bella is over. I will grant you 1 more day to spend time with your sister, after that, Damon will throw you out." I say then turning to look at Damon, 

"Damon, please see to it that she adheres to the rules. Let the guards know she is not to sleep in this pack house and to only allow her in during meal times and escort her out right after. Do I make myself clear?" I ask him and he nods.

"I'll see to it alpha" he says right before throwing Elise a shirt to wear. She huffs in annoyance and storms off. I should've done that sooner.