This chapter gets a little dark. There will be bloodshed and mentions of rape(like gang rape etc). It won't be so explicit and in detail but you've been warned.


Happiness has found me again. I mean I still go on social media and see people from my old pack finding their mates. When I think about it, it hurts to think that the man that was made for me wasn't actually for me. Just seeing people have it so easy when it comes to mates, makes me sad for a bit but I don't let it consume me.


After a long time, I don't have to wake up crying or sad. I'm ok.

I feel like myself again when I've felt lost for so long. Everything was going great for everyone actually...


Things were going great for Green Forrest pack. Max had some of our warriors take residence in his pack to be trained the lycan way, their mates were welcomed too. I honestly don't know what we would do without the help of uncle Deacon and Max.

It's been a year already since leaving Blue moon pack and we have settled in nicely. I fought tooth and nail to be top of my class and also maintain my fashion sense thanks to Lucy. She would drag my ass to the shops whenever there was an opening.

Josey was doing great too. The twins had their pup, I'm not sure what happened to Elise but they don't mention her at all. So now they could focus on Josey. We all know Josey's first boy will become alpha because they are mates and will complete the mating ceremony. If Josey can't give the alphas any children then their child with Elise will become alpha. If Josey only has girls, he'll still become alpha. Stressful.

Cj was still with his Aisha. He was 14 now and still had 2 more years before meeting his mate so he was still in the clear I guess. He was the school's top student and my parents were proud. Him and 5 other kids from different schools are part of a programme that allows them an internship role at silicone valley. Geek much? All I know is if my brother pushes this human life, he's going to be making his own millions by 18.

I walked into the house to bump into Cj who said was going on run to let his wolf out. I stepped aside to let him out.

He looked upset but I didn't want to question him.

"Aisha's family is moving away." Remi tells me as she walks up to me. I was looking out the door, worry clearly written on my face.

"When?" I ask my mom.

"They leave tonight. Aisha's dad called Christopher. He got a job offer he couldn't refuse and the only downside was that they need him there first thing tomorrow. They fly out at 8pm tonight. You just missed Aisha" Mom said.

I was heartbroken for Cj. I know she wasn't his mate and the minute he met his mate, he'd forget about her. It still hurt I'm sure. The Trent kids sure have the worst luck with love.

"Poor Cj. Things were finally working out for all of us here" I say sadly..

My mom nods. She gives me a hug and then goes up the stairs. I walk to the kitchen to grab an apple and head to my room. I was going to miss dinner tonight as I had to study for my physics test tomorrow.


It was now midnight and I was about done studying. Decided to hit the sack and what I don't know about the paper tomorrow, I never will. I passed out immediately.

I fell in a dream where I was back in blue moon running around in the woods with Percy and my siblings. We were all happy.

We decided to run back as Remi was going to have our heads if we were late for dinner with the alpha family tonight. The minute we stepped out of the woods the mood changed. It was eerily quiet, you could hear it if a pin dropped and this was unusual. I looked around me and I was alone, no Percy. No Cj. No Josey.


I shifted back to human. Not a care in the world about my nakedness. A cold shiver went down my spine and then I heard a scream, then another one and then all of a sudden people were running past me screaming. I saw a lady being chased by a wolf. Why would.. oh no. We were under attack. I tried to run to her aid but I couldn't move. I was rooted to the spot. I tried screaming for her to get up and fight but even I couldn't hear my voice through all that screaming.

I saw the wolf catch up and shift back into a human. The man ripped the woman's clothes off with such force and raped her. I saw it all. I screamed but it was like my voice was mute. I couldn't move or scream. I felt powerless watching the man assault her like that. I tried to close my eyes and open them only to see the man get up from sexually assaulting the poor lady and then ripping her head off. I screamed, it was mute but that was all I could do. He walked past me as if he couldn't see me and went after his next victim.

When I turned around to see where he was going, I noticed it wasn't just him. Many wolves came through the woods killing men who tried to fight for their loved ones. The women raped repeatedly as men took turns. Some women submitted so they could save their children and the rogue men would pick their chosen mates. Laughing and raping them to see who they liked best. It was a nightmare.

The kids had to watch their mothers get assaulted by these men and I couldn't help. I just stood there as tears ran down my face. I felt so weak. The wolves started to howl in sadness and I looked around trying to see who they were doing it for and my eyes landed on Natalie. The rogue alpha had Natalie and close to her alpha Charley was knocked out on the floor.

The rogue alpha undressed her slowly... trying to prolong the inevitable. I knew what was coming, Natalie knew what was coming. She was just sobbing. I tried yelling at her to fight! To not give up like this but my voice. I was mute.

The rogue alpha put her on the ground and he followed going between her legs. It's like the time stoood still. No one dared to make a sound or maybe I blocked everyone out as he entered her and then it was as if the pain of your mate sleeping with someone else woke Charley up. He roared to life as he turned to his side to see his mate being raped by the man he decided to trust. He tried to get up but was held back by other rogues as they growled in unison.

He had to watch the rogue with his mate as she cried looking at him. She was looking at him but I couldn't tell what that look meant. I was crying myself, my vision was blurry. I would close my eyes and try look anywhere but there and all around me was the same thing. Men losing their heads, those that were still alive and fighting going down in pain at the feel of their mates being sexually assaulted. This gave the rogues they were fighting an opening to kill them.

I knew this was a dream because I fell asleep at lakeside manor. I couldn't have gotten here. Even if I ran in my wolf form, it would take me hours.

My thoughts were interrupted by Charley roaring loud at Reginald as he emptied his seed inside his mate making satisfied noises. I looked behind Charley to see Percy crying. He looked defeated too as he was also  held back by rogues.

Reginald pulled out of Natalie while she stayed on the ground, not moving. She looked helpless and you could still see his stuff drip from him. He walked over to Charley with all of that still on him and  stopped right in front of him.

Clearly to gloat on having Charley's mates scent all over his penis.

Charley who was on his knees and at eye level to Reginald's thing was able to smell her on Reginald by just breathing. This seemed to drive him mad and Charley shifted into his wolf in a fit of rage and bit off Reginald's penis. Reginald screamed in pain as blood spurted out of him. Percy shifted too and took on the rogues that were holding him down. This seemed to get the rest of the pack to start fighting back but Natalie didn't move. She stayed in position as if she were already dead.


It was then that I saw something shiny in Reginald's hand and I knew what it was. I tried to scream at Charley to alert him of this but I was mute. I continued as if it will change but I wasn't helping anyone. Reginald went off to stab Natalie in the heart with a silver blade. Killing her instantly. Charley saw what happened and roared so loud, I felt it. The whole world must've felt it. Im not sure if it was from the pain of his mate dying but he stopped fighting, Percy stopped fighting too as he shifted back to human form and dropped to his knees. Everyone stopped to witness the death of their Luna. They could all feel it, the pain of losing a pack member, their pack mother.

This was a battle they couldn't win now and they all got down on their knees and submitted. Charley was on his knees crying for his mate. Percy was held down but he also couldn't take his eyes of his mother.

Reginald had won.

The rogue alpha has taken over blue moon. Reginald has taken over from the Woods family.


I bolted up from slumber with my phone ringing. I looked at the time and it was 2am. I looked at the caller ID and saw Ralyn's name pop up.

"What do you want Ralyn?" I spat out. Definitely happy I was pulled out of that nightmare but not happy it was Ralyn that did that.

"Sabrina I need your help. My father he.. he attacked Blue moon" she said through sobs.

"What? What do you mean he attacked??" I asked her.

"He killed her Sabrina. My father killed Natalie. He has Charley and Percy locked up. I don't know what to do" she said to me. I didn't know what to say. That dream was real? Then why am I still in bed? How could I see all of it? I saw Natalie die. I saw it all but it was a dream. How was she telling me something that happened in my dream? 

"How did she die Ralyn?" I ask her. Please don't say a silver dagger. I crossed my fingers.

"He stabbed her with something silver. I couldn't see from my room. Sabrina he promised he wouldn't hurt them. He promised to make me Luna." She sobbed. My dream was real and I saw it all happen. If I could go there myself now and help I would but I was hours away. Besides, I don't want to give her false hope. If I do come to help, it is for the people that have to suffer from Charley's actions.

If I was going to help, I also couldn't tell her I was on my way. I didn't trust her to not go running to her father.


"Ralyn, your father is the alpha of rogues. You should've known better. What they did now, is their way of life. We all know this, you know this. Blue moon can rot for all I care. You did this to yourselves." I said and then I hung up.

Deep down in my heart, I know I won't just sit by and do nothing. Charley should've known better. It was only a matter of time before this happened. This is why we kill rogues.

I had to tell my dad.

I immediately ran out of my room to my parents bedroom. They were still sleeping when I barged in startling Remi out of her sleep.

"Daddy you have to wake up. Something bad has happened" I said out loud for the whole house to hear.

My father shot out of bed ready to attack until he saw me alone in his room. He groaned in annoyance.

"Sabrina! What is so important that it couldn't wait 3 more hours?" He says groggily.

My grandfather, brother and sister came charging into the room too. Looking confused.

"What's going on?" My grandfather asked looking between me, my dad and Remi who was still in bed.

"Blue Moon was attacked. The rogue alpha attacked them. He's taken over daddy" I say to my dad.

"Well Sabrina, it was bound to happen. That's what I told Charley when I was still there and that's why most of us left. What's done is done. Everybody back to bed. Blue moon is not our problem anymore." My father said. I was not going to give up that easily.


"He raped and killed Natalie. I saw it." I say to my dad. Remi gasped out loudly. My father looked at me confused.

"What do you mean you saw it? Blue moon is hours away" Cj said to me also looking confused.

I heard my mothers voice say 'show them. Just take their hands in yours and imagine it. Show them your dream'.

I grabbed Josey's hand and did as I was told. Her body stiffened and her eyes went to the back of her head. I don't know how long we were out of it but my dad pulled us apart eventually. Looking at us confused.

"Oh my goddess.. it's true. How did you do that? I saw it dad. When they raped the women. Oh goddess. How did you see that Sabrina?" Josey asks me.

"Grab mom and dad's hands and imagine showing him what I just showed you. It should work with you as you and I share the same power. I'll show grandfather and Cj." I say to her. She nods and walks over to dad as Remi does the same.

I walk over to Cj and grandpa. I grab their hands and show them everything.

After they have all seen my dream, I run out of their room and come back holding my phone. I dial Ralyn's number and wait for her to answer..

"Hello? Sabrina? Are you coming to help? They took Percy and Charley into the dungeons Sabrina. My dad says he's going to kill them on the night of the Red moon. That's in 3 days. I'm locked in my room Sabrina.. I don't know what to do." She started to sob uncontrollably over the phone.

"You said your father killed Natalie.." I say to her over the phone.

"Yes he stabbed her. Right after raping her he killed her in front of Charley" she said back to me. I then look up at my dad.