We were woken up by sirens and howling wolves. I looked at Max and he looked at me. They were here and we didn't have time to go through the plan with everyone.

We raced out of bed to get dressed and looking for everyone. I ran out of Max's room to mine so I could change and get ready for whatever is to come. After changing clothes and running out barefoot, I went to get Josey who was busy getting dressed. Cj barges into the room and relaxes once his eyes land on us. Once Josey is dressed we ran to meet everyone at the foyer.

Max, uncle Deacon, dad, grandfather, Damon, Nicole, Cj, Josey and I were all looking at each other with a knowing look. That we were under attack and it was now or never. I hugged my dad and grandfather before I raced out with Max by my side.

I looked back to see Josey walking alongside Cj who had shifted into his wolf. People were running around to get ready for any kind of attack.

I grabbed Max and kissed him. I pulled away and straightened my clothes before looking back at him, 

"You do best and come back to me in one piece or I will pay the moon goddess and you a visit. You won't like it" I say to him and he chuckles as he puts a stray hair behind my ear.

"I promise to fight my way back to you. I will make my way back to you my Kimberley" he says to me. I blush but shake it off as the sirens get louder. They were here and the guards at the borders couldn't stop them.

The sirens stop ringing and everything goes quiet. We all look ahead of us counting down until we see something or someone. It stays quiet for some time until Charley walks out alone, naked and covered in blood. He had killed our guards. Growls could be heard around us directed at Charley who walks to us with his hands in the air. A surrender? Already? Why is he alone? Something is not right. Remi! 

I turn around and run in to the house mind linking Max and everyone to stay in position. I run to the dungeon to see a tall bulky man trying to open the dungeon doors. I whistle at him and he freezes. As he turns around I remember who he is, Thomas. This was Remi's mate and he was here to rescue her as Charley played the perfect distraction. I decide to use my telepathy skills and make him walk out to kneel in front of Max. As he walks past me I walk into the dungeons to grab Remi and pull her out of the house.

As I make my way to Max, I see Thomas kneeling in front of him. Remi sees Thomas and tries to get out of my grip but I was stronger  so it was pointless. I threw her down next to her mate and then looked at Charley.

"You have our attention Charley. Now, are they all going to come out of hiding or do I have to kill you to lure them out?" I say and he chuckles at me. He starts roaring in laughter and then takes on a serious look on his face.

"You could never kill me pup" he says to me and before he could say any more, I have a tree root wrap itself around him as he is lifted up in the air. He looks around clearly dumbfounded by this act.

"Come out come out Percy. Do you really want to see me kill dearest daddy? Who's going to tell you what to do once he's gone? Ralyn? I don't think she has it in her. Do you?" I say this as we all hear a growl coming out from somewhere in the woods.

I walk up to Charley and had the roots loosen their hold and go back into the earth. While he catches his breath, I walk away and stand next to Max. Remi was trying to talk to Thomas but he was in a daze, only kneeling in front of Max looking at the ground. I laughed.

Remi looked at me and within seconds changed into her wolf and tried to attack me but Max was quick as he threw to the side where my mom, don't know when she made her appearance, knocked her out. Charley was shocked to see my mother and she just waved at him.


See Charley tried to buy time but we were also buying time to have our land surrounded. Once Max told me it was surrounded, I got Thomas out of his trance and he went running to Remi. He shook her awake and she woke up as I was walking towards them.

"Remember my promise Remi?" I say to her smiling. She looks at me and then back at Thomas. Thomas feels his mates fear and growls at me but before he could charge at me, I get my claws out and lunge into his chest then pull out his heart. He drops to the ground and Remi roars shifting into her wolf charging for me. I have some tree roots come out and pierce her legs and back in the ground, nailing her in one position as I heard growls of wolves possibly coming to attack from Thomas's pack.

Charley ran back into the wood as more wolves came out to attack. Angry at the killing of their alpha. Weak alpha.

Everyone started fighting them off and as more and more of our warriors came out from the shadows to take them down. We kill one and three would come out.

This couldn't only be Thomas's pack. There had to be someone else with him because these wolves belonged to a pack. It looked like Max was thinking the same thing as he mind linked me telling me he's going into the woods to find out who they belonged to. I was so preoccupied with fighting more and more wolves charging at me I didn't get to see which side he went to. Dead bodies every where.

I decided to try find Max only to run into Percy and Charley.

They were walking up to me, looking at me as if I was their next prize.

"Come on Sabrina. I don't want to hurt you. Just stand down and let Reginald take over and everybody lives" Percy says to me. I stop walking to look at him incredulously.