Nobilis of War

Chapter 1335 The Chu Clan Declined And Perished

Much to everyone's surprise, Gatlin suddenly attacked Leroy and killed him.

Who would have thought that a middle-level Celestial God Realm master could die in such a pathetic way?

Darren and the rest of the cultivators were all utterly shocked. They had never expected that the head of the Tussle Holy House's branch could take a life just like that.

"Father!" Harold, who was also stunned, shouted when he finally came back to his senses.

Dario, on the other hand, stiffened with fear.

Before he could even move, a loud "Bang" was suddenly heard.

Gatlin threw a punch at Dario, and the latter immediately died too.

He then turned around, looked at Darren, and asked, "Darren, are you satisfied now?"

Darren didn't say anything. But Weber, who was standing at the side, nodded repeatedly and said, "Well done, Master Gatlin! Well done!"

The truth was, he was afraid that Gatlin might also take his and Darren's lives on the spur of the moment.

After a short while, Darren cupped his hands and only said, "Thank you."

"That father and son duo disturbed the order of hunting. They only deserved to be punished by the law. You have nothing to worry now. Just relax and wait until the game is over. I'll leave you alone here. Son, let's go,"

Gatlin said before he left with Harold.

As soon as they left the hunting ground, Harold asked Gatlin why he had to kill those two.

"Son, I know that he is the one. I can clearly sense the Chu's bloodline on Darren. I can't be wrong," Gatlin replied.

That was the reason why he killed Leroy in the first place.

The following days, Darren and his companions lived in the hunting ground peacefully. When the game was over, they were all sent out together with the other participants.

Soon enough, the result was announced. As expected, Darren won the first place, and Lindsay the second. And because of the points they gave to Finley, he got the third place.

In short, the top three ranks belonged to Darren's group.

"Come and take a seat," Gatlin said.

According to the rules, he would personally give the prize to Darren and his friends. The awards were in the form of tokens that they could use to participate in the finals of the Tussle Contest.

token doesn't have your name on it. So, whoever has it

and would be used by someone else

Darren replied with a

"If there's nothing else,

up and said to him, "Darren, can you come

all of a sudden. "Is there

talk with you," Gatlin replied in a serious

Darren has nothing to say to you."

not afraid of any powerful force in this region because he was very confident of his unbeatable master who could sense if he was safe or not at any time.

a little time. I just have something urgent to discuss with Darren," Gatlin

fine with me," Darren agreed before Weber could say anything

was, Darren was a little curious. He wanted to know what Gatlin would say to

"Please follow me."

follow him into the inner

Weber, Finley, and Lindsay said in unison. They didn't want to be away from

to Darren alone," Gatlin said. The

what if you hurt him?" Weber countered.

much about me, Weber," Darren said as

through numerous secret rule arrays. After a while, they finally entered a

a few chairs at the sides. In front of the statue, there was a stone tank that was about one meter

want to talk about?" Darren was the first one to break

to talk about the Chu Clan with you," Gatlin replied at once.

more aroused. He said,

Gatlin said. "Take seven steps forward and put


hurt you. I will never hurt you. Just do

He then walked forward and put his


"What is going on?"

his hands and mixed with the water in the

tank flew out and was absorbed


a pair of silver-gray eyes that

shuddered in the depths of his

in his mind crazily. It was as if it would break out of his head at any moment.

are really a direct descendant

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