Nobilis of War

Chapter 1336 Becoming The Patriarch

"Of course there were other powerful masters in our clan," Gatlin said. "The Chu Clan was at its peak back then. It had enough power to compete with the Ancestral Land. The clan was home to many powerful warriors. There were more than twenty-seven warriors who had reached the Deputy God Realm, and there were several hundred people who had reached the top level of the Superior God Realm. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the Chu Clan was the strongest human force in the Primitive Wilderness."

Darren was shocked to learn that.

Was the Chu Clan really so powerful in the past? There were twenty seven warriors at the Deputy God Realm! It sounded too good to be true.

However, Darren felt even more confused. How had the Chu Clan gotten so much power but only to lose it all in the end?

"They had so many powerful masters guarding the clan. What on earth had caused the Chu Clan's demise?"

"War," Gatlin said, his voice grim.


"Yes." Gatlin nodded. "Seven thousand years after the ancestor died, an internal war broke out in the Chu Clan. It lasted four thousand years. In the end, seven warriors at the Deputy God Realm perished, and the Chu Clan was divided into three branches.

And, that's not the worst. When the Chu Clan became weaker, the top masters of the other eight regions united to fight against it. Their reason was that the Chu Clan had disturbed the natural order of things in the human race and deserved to pay. The Chu Clan members fought valiantly, and finally drove the enemies away. However, the Chu Clan became even weaker."

Darren was lost in thought. The battle must have been incredibly fierce.

"Gatlin, why did the powerful warriors of the other eight regions attack the Chu Clan? Humans are weak in the Primitive Wilderness, so what they needed the most was unity. Their fighting was meaningless! Didn't the Ancestral Land interfere?" Darren exclaimed indignantly.

"It's not as simple as you think. When I began to understand the things of the world, the Chu Clan was already on the verge of collapse. The things I know now, I learned them from the seventh patriarch of the clan. He said that the powerful cultivators of the eight regions launched an attack on Chu Clan under the Ancestral Land's orders. It was said that they were fighting for something important," Gatlin said.

A war wouldn't break out for no reason. Darren was certain that there was a good explanation for the war.

"Did the Chu Clan really fall after that?" Darren asked, sighing.

"Not yet. Only after the strong cultivators of the eight regions were defeated did the Ancestral Land show up and declare that the two sides could not ever fight again. If they did, they would be put to death. The trouble did not end there. You know that the human race is the most insignificant race in the Primitive Wilderness.

fiend race, whose territory was close to that of the Chu Clan's, sent their most powerful warriors to slaughter the members of the Chu Clan.

to help them stop the invasion of the foreign race. The invasion had lasted for three thousand years. Only six of the

was on the verge of collapse. The members of

destroy them and take their treasures for themselves, so they were always hot on the Chu Clan's

scatter. Some even had to go into the abysses to save their lives. Tens of thousands of years

only narrated it briefly so that Darren could have a general idea of what

and injustice that they had

a question Darren had always

cannot help you with this, I'm sorry. However, I remember you saying that you have been sent to one of the mortal worlds. I heard from the patriarch that the children of

relieved. This piece of information narrowed down his search for his parents by a

one of the twenty seven deputy gods of the Chu Clan. Any one of those men could have been his father. Darren simply needed to find out

one knew what happened to

Darren felt his

Darren sighed.

one of the abysses,"

"I hope so."

follow you. I will devote my life to you, and I will do everything in my power to make sure that the Chu Clan is brought back to its former glory,"

the Chu Clan is beyond my reach. Let's let bygones

raised his head, tears streaming down his cheeks. His face was contorted

of the Chu Clan. You should be

erased from history. What's more, there should also be deputy gods or warriors at the top level of the Superior God Realm in the abysses. I am just a junior. I do not deserve to be the patriarch,"

the Primitive Wilderness for a direct descendant of the Chu Clan for so many years. However, he could not find anyone—that was, until the day he met Darren. But Darren simply thought it was meaningless to be a nominal patriarch.

master, I had followed the old patriarch for many years. He told me that if I met a direct descendant of the Chu

He looked straight into Gatlin's eyes and saw that they were full of hope and pleading. He

like, you can consider me as the patriarch of the Chu Clan..." Darren just wanted to fulfill

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